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2 tracks build around Korg Kr-55 drumkit samples


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I've recently made 2 (demo) tracks build around Korg Kr-55 drumkit samples from my mate Yann who is the driving force behind waveshaper, a site dedicated to


electronic percussive samples carefully recorded and gathered as drumkits. Most of them are vintage analogue drum machines processed through tube amps, compressors, and various hardware units. The focus is to produce sounds with some serious character at highest quality possible.
( http://waveshaper.12r.org/ ).


Actually this track showcases the Kr-55 samples best:



As in the other track the Korg samples are layered softly underneath a 606:



Notice the bass sucks in streaming Soundcloud because of conversion compression.



I also did a lill d&b demo track for him using percussion sounds made with a Ms20:



Dude has free kits as well, check it :music:

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The first track's got a very nice steady groove, I really like it. Soundcloud indeed ruined the bass in the 2nd track, but there's some nice drumming. Last track's interesting as well, never heard that kind of drum sounds in a dnb track before.

And that site looks really nice! I'm gonna grab some free/demo kits :)

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