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Lakker - Torann EP


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"This is the second outing on Blueprint from Lakker. It’s not difficult to hear why James Ruskin is behind these guys. Some of their sounds do fit in with what’s currently happening in techno but then they have this added unique flavour which I think really makes them stand out. Their style is super deep with quite a lot happening. ‘Summer Rains’ has what I assume to be field recordings or rainfall beneath a Robert Hood style groove and then some skillful sound design embellishes proceedings. Very cerebral but will also work on the right dancefloor.‘Mustard Crying’ is all mangled and malfunctioning beats in a sort of pre-breakcore IDM style with cool robotic vocal sample that sounds like ED-209 or something. It takes that old IDM template and gives it a 2012 sheen, again with some well constructed sound design. On the flip ‘Ciar’ is a proper darkside track that feels like it could erupt into a DJ Trace or Ed Rush tech-step style tune but the beats are kept very restrained with the emphasis on gloomy atmospherics and gritty dissolving bass.‘Static Amp’ has a very clinical pure machine music feel that recalls Kangding Ray except it has some an extra layer of weirdness that comes with the undecipherable spooked ethereal female vocals. Finally ‘One Note’ closes the EP with yet another unexpected move, a deranged piece of heavy fractured electronica that sounds like seriously pissed off droids on the rampage. A strong and diverse EP."


look http://www.normanrec...ker---torann-ep

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"Ruido" is really worth the purchase. It's completely different from the today's Lakker : raw metallic sounds, with a lot of distortion, and manic beats. You will certainly be hooked from the first track :)

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