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Milieu - Colortone [Expanded Reissue]

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Colortone was recorded in 2008 and released in 2009, and remains one of the most well-known and loved Milieu albums. It is arguably the last iteration of the "downtempo" Milieu sound, in that the following album (Swaying Palms) began to incorporate more processing and dance-oriented material, rather than dedicated slow and feel-good music. Colortone is an incredibly melodic set of warm Summer electronics, and both the sound of the album and the iconic Holga-shot cover photograph live up to the title. Warped and psychedelic at times, reserved and contemplative at others. A lot of love went into making Colortone, and so it is only fair that this reissue include all relevant remixes, outtakes and alternate versions from the original session recordings. This comprehensive double-disc set compiles all material on both the Cropduster and Jacket Holograph EPs, as well as the exclusive tracks from Suntanned Melodies (a bonus disc included in only the first 25 copies of the original pressing). Superb remix work appears from Mrs Jynx (Planet Mu), Ten and Tracer (U-Cover), Forrest (U-Cover) and Obfusc (Boltfish).



STREAM / BUY / DOWNLOAD: http://milieu.bandcamp.com/album/colortone-expanded-reissue





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