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Helen - Felt This Way/Dying All the Time


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everyone knows that listening to a rock concert from a mile away is the best music ever, so this trio featuring liz harris of grouper is (apparently beginning to) making this kind of music:


i always wanted this from grouper since hearing this cover of hers:


apparently she did so too. yay !

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Guest bitroast



The Original Faces:

September 4 via Kranky

01 Ryder
02 Motorcycle
03 Covered in Shade
04 Felt This Way
05 Pass Me By
06 Right Outcome
07 Allison
08 Dying All the Time
09 Grace
10 City Breathing
11 Violet
12 The Original Faces

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nice! i really like how they're seemingly trying to sound like a shoegaze/light noise rock band of the 90's but get grouper'd way off into some completely different place on the way. 4 songs are out and all of them are great, gonna be a blast of an album. motorcycle is my fav so far.

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