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Guest skibby

you're DRGLR! I just found your stuff a couple days ago on Soundcloud, and it became a playlist on my mp3 player. Really enjoy your sounds. what's YLC?

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Guest skibby

is this analogue equipment and summing or? i imagine i'm hearing roland outboard gear. but there's a nice bite to the tone in general, everything fits nicely. almost goes without saying its a lush composition. many compliments.

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cheers dudes! yeah I'm really liking it so far...not had a chance to play about with it too much for the last few days as have been crazy busy at work and shattered when I get home but will hopefully get back into it this weekend :)

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@ 1st. track: i totally dig this, very nice oldschool feeling. the only thing that messed me a little bit up was the detuned melody, it doesn't really fit into the entire picture in my opinion (thats just my humble opinion)

those stabs (the ones in the intro) are gorgeous ! definitely my favorite element <3

edit: the melody on it's own is quite sweet! it's just the contrast, i'm usually a big fan of contrasts but this one doesn't fit for my ears

thanks for sharing, keep up the good work


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I like the playfulness in this one :)

My only criticism is that I wish the intro was more like the ending where it's nothing but the 303 (or whatever it is) and a 4/4 kick. Also, I'm not entirely sure that I like the hihat... but I guess that's the kind of hihat that goes with that kind of music :)

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