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DJ Shadow - Endtroducing 20th Anniversary 6LP Edition

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I like that remix a lot - Clams is damn good! I'm looking forward to the other remixes, especially the Kuedo and Teklife ones  :biggrin:


Yeah I was pleasantly surprised how much I liked the Clams remix, guess he still has it after all. 


The Prince Paul and Daedelus remixes were my favorite, "Mutual Slump" is my favorite track off the original and I like the way he re-did it.

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I'm an idiot and nabbed this last week. My local rekkid stow had it for £79.99 and I figured I'd prob never see it that cheap again, so I impulse bought the shit out of it.


Heavy box, nice presentation. Hardback book is quite cool; features a sizeable excerpt from the 33 1/3 book, a new interview with DJ Shadow which I assume is exclusive to this edition, and some (apparently unseen) photos from that era. Nice pressing of Endtroducing; I haven't listened to the Back to Black repress so I can't compare, but from what I've read, people who own both seem to favour this one. The Excessive Ephemera stuff is ok, nothing special. Same with the Endtrospective remixes, some of em are nice but a lot of em are pretty bad. The main album and the remix comp are both gatefolds but the demo comp isn't for some reason.


tl;dr - Good presentation, good pressing, but other than the main album, the music here is very inconsistent.

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