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HDmirror - FLOAT | Don't know what genre this is but it's quite braindancy I think


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I LOVE the visuals you made for that track! It has that mix of a Jon Rafman/DG Government Plates video - it's nuts. But yeah the track itself is ultra fun and I could see myself listening to this in a trance for quite some time (dat arp at 1:11, hot damn), it's like if Arca gave birth to a Kid606 twin that decided to make IDM PC Music, which is literally all my favourite kind of stuff compiled into one! So good dude, keep it up~  :catsalute:

Thanks  :biggrin:

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Really enjoying those grainy sounds around 1 min in. This track is pretty cool in how it combines kind of modern club/pop stuff with some braindance/acid textures. 

Overall the mix is really solid. Some of the drums seems a little further back than they should be but really liking how the pads/vocals etc are sitting. 

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