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Trilobot - Coast Occulting


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This is a project I've worked on the past year and a half. Really wanted to make some lo-fi stuff of various genres, ended up with 2 separate EPs during that time. They were pretty closely themed, so I just stuck them together into this neat little album (at least in my opinion lol).


Wouldn't have finished this without a push from some friends, you know who you are. Let me know what you think!


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I gotta bump this, because this is a great album. I got a preview of some of these tracks a while back, because I asked to put out some of his tracks on tape, and I played them a bunch this summer. Unfortunately I couldnt put this album out because of financial and time constraints, but I am super happy it's available now.


If you havent heard Trilobot's stuff before, this should be a good introduction. This album is a good mix of styles, and its all really polished, and strongly themed. Tracks like Magick Orb are super catchy and fun, while Ruin of Ikhthus is atmospheric and engulfing.


I dont know if there was any specific world-building done for the mythos of this album, but I get the vibe of like, an underwater archeological site in an ancient occult city.


Here's the bandcamp link:


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