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Philip Glass on Aphex Twin (interview @ Red Bull)


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Interesting bit of Philip on working with Richard. Never heard of any of these collaborations being released, right?



Entire thing is here



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yeah. what i got from the interview was that they were swapping tracks (layers) within tracks. instead of entire tracks. although he mentioned it resulted in swapping all the tracks anyways. so what i'm getting at: there's more of those tracks i guess. which are more like collaborations instead of 'remixes'.


nevermind though. just posted the interview, because a search on watmm couldn't find any already being posted. :)

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And there was the Bowie/Glass/Aphex Heroes of course. Although that was less a collab and more RDJ just getting a few hours in a studio to remix it.

Its interesting when you hear Philip Glass' Heroes piece, there's no vocals, it was like Philips interpretation of the Bowie song. For the remix, Aphex put the vocals back in

For those that havent checked out Philip Glass - if you're a watmmer you might like his stuff, he's into arpeggios and repetition and so (to me) his stuff has similar vibe to electronic music that I listen to. Like he's arrived at the same place but come from a completely different direction. If you've never checked out his stuff, start with Glassworks. First track Opening settles you in with some nice piano stuff second track Floe starts slow and then 38 seconds in HOLY SHIT THIS IS BONKERS BUT STILL BEAUTIFUL

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