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101 Beats Per Minute II

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The second installment of 101 Beats Per Minute has recently been completed. All 23 tracks and CD can now be found on Bandcamp. 

01. Forgotten Ones 3:22
02. Tulisa My Reflection 5:03
03. Pwnacon 5:56
04. Where There Is One There Is Many 3:43
05. Druid Liom 4:37
06. Il Mare 4:44
07. Myname325kb 5:48
08. Subsume 6:34
09. Corn Pop Milk Slick 4:36
10. Green Yellow Blue 8:54
11. Sweltered Thru 7:17
12. Dalmatian Serenade 7:02
13. Hidden Things 6:16
14. Gimme A Jay 4:47
15. Moth 5:54
16. Embouchure 4:26
17. EVA-02 5:05
18. Retkiluistelu 6:39
19. Austerulous 5:27
20. Reaching Through 6:49
21. Dirty-Lookin' Up All Night 5:01
22. A Church Burns Down 3:36
23. Cahore Polders 3:29



101 Beats Per Minute is a collection of electronic music producers working in varying techniques and styles. Each week a new track is released through Bandcamp accompanied by a new photographic work by artist David Cleary. [..] This is the second collection of tracks from a new roster of artists.

Each artist was given the brief of composing a piece of music at the tempo of 101bpm and then sharing it amongst the other contributors to create a collective hub for inspiration before release. We’re hoping to create a dialogue between a bunch of music makers who might normally work in isolation, meanwhile shining a light on some of the talent currently exciting us. Each track is anonymously credited to ‘101 Beats Per Minute’ as the artist’s name, the contributions have come from:

Amanda Feery, Blusher, Caskré, Coden, David Donohoe, David Kitt, Deasy, Eomac, Gareth Anton Averill, Kobina, Lair, Lerosa, Linda Buckley, The Natural History Museum, Press Charges, R. Trench, Ripley, Romy, Sean Clancy, SeÁn Mac Erlaine, Splitradix, Sunken Foal, The Wicc

www.countersunk.org SUNK0014


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I happen to be listening to this right now, about 2/3 through. I'm finding many of the tracks far more ambient than the first volume, at least the middle section. First 10 tracks were more engaging. 

"Myname325kb" is a fucking JAM and has Dunk Murphy written all over it.

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