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Sunken Foal - Friday Syndrome Vol.3


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Date TBA - Countersunk - SUNK000#


Tracklist TBA


Sunken Foal Ft. Si Schroeder - Never Knew, taken from the album


shirt and print to be releasd with album


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FUCK YES!!! :w00t: I can't get enough of the first two, especially the 2nd. It's fucking brilliant, and one of my favorite electronic releases of the past decade.


I gotta get one of those shirts. Where is the shirt and poster info from?



Noice! Still need to get the 2nd one but the first collection was brilliant. And for only a handful of Euros--bargain!


Get volume 2 NOW!

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Really looking forward to this. I've been playing the Press Charges LP on repeat since its release. I quite like the 2 previous FS volumes as well.

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Put my name down for some of that. Sunken Foal is criminally underrated. Volume 1 was superb, 2 maybe slightly less so but worthy of anyone's attention. Have to admit I haven't been taken by the Press Charges stuff I've heard though. Maybe I'll have to just buy it and see if it sinks in.

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Album just came out! Bought it w/out even previewing the tracks..



And why wouldn't you? Almost done with my first run-through, fucking brilliant as usual! I was a little worried about the guest vocals but they blend right in, mostly sounding just like vocal samples rather than singing.


A certain inclusion in my top 10 for 2015.



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could a mod edit op with


February 2015 - Countersunk - SUNK0005


01. Piss Into The Smash 2:35
02. Braxton Hicks & the Contractions 2:39
03. Never Knew (ft. Si Schroeder) 3:15
04. Paracetamol 1:08
05. I Got The Shop 2:37
06. Settler's Debt 2:51
07. Doob.ie 1:30
08. Skeleton Jet 3:05
09. Powers Boothe 3:10
10. Dyson Body Blade 2:40
11. The Son is the One (ft. Rupert Morris) 3:04
12. Hotel Bristol 3:54
13. White Night Flight 3:33
14. Hard Rime Lattice 3:28
15. F.L.Y.E.R.S. 2:53
16. Two Tier Goose Chase 3:07
17. Family Floor Tune 2:17
18. Rhumb Line to the Archipelago 2:42
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Shame this is on the 4th page already. I always seem to be more impressed with each listen when it comes to Sunken Foal, even when I'm really impressed on the first listen.


Also a shame I paid for the MP3s (more than the minimum) but didn't bother adding a few extra bucks for the shirt! Not sure what I was thinking there.

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