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Lackluster: One-Offs Ep up for pre-order on Bandcamp


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Hi, just listed One-Offs Ep up for pre-order on bandcamp


1. Plip (3:36)
2. Shoo (2:16)
3. 210101 (4:54)
4. Sfacidx3mulch (1:15)
5. Rumk8 (9:49)
6. Kcl2 (3:39)

the original press-release from June 2001:

"Monotonik is very proud to present an exclusive 6-track EP from Finland’s Lackluster, aka Esa Ruoho, an artist we’ve been releasing (as Distance) since way back when we were putting out .MODs, and have seen go from the limited-edition “CDR#2” on Monotonik (our only physical release ever) to critical acclaim through his 12” and album releases on the UK’s DeFocus Records, and more recent vinyl and CDs put out through Rikos, Merck, and U-Cover, to name but a few. 

“One-Offs EP” is a collection of material from the last year or so which, quite simply, blows us away. From the starting bloopshuffle into expansive caverns of “Plip”, through the perverse percussives of “Shoo”, and into the suddenly retro, gorgeous simplicity of “21/01/01”, this suddenly feels eons past “Container”, even after its 5-star Muzik rating. 

Pausing for the breathy interlude of “Sfacidx3mulch”, the EP forges on to the simply epic and extended multilayering of “Rumk8”, as formerly heard in the [email protected] performance, and finally to the wonderful “Kcl2”, all echo-ing organ chords and zen-like calm. What a trip."

releases April 10, 2020

p.s. the cover artwork is by Jaakko Iisalo. The originator of Angry Birds designs (the pigs and the birds).


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