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Astrid Sonne - Live from Berlin Atonal 2018

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this is super fucking good y'all. great combination of composition, live performance/installation type with room audio and just.....really dynamic and good. not much quite like this out there.



Astrid Sonnes ‘Live from Berlin Atonal 2018 (Camera feed)’ is a live recording from the premiere of her piece ‘Ephemeral’ for viola, electronics and choir at Berlin Atonal 2018.

The performance was documented on video from different perspectives (static and handheld), and audio files from each camera give their own very distinct experience of the concert. Set in the remarkable context of the Berlin Kraftwerk, the spatial feeling of attending a concert transcends into these sound recordings, bringing forward how a room can affect the music. This becomes even more noticeable on ‘Live from Berlin Atonal 2018 (Camera feed)’, where audio files from two different cameras are juxtaposed as ‘Side A’ and ‘Side B’ on cassette tape.

During the concert, the listener is guided through refined shifts in dynamics and intensity, all so important for the impeccable expression experienced at the live performances of Astrid Sonne. The concert includes passages for both viola and electronics, and finally ends in the first performance of the vocal piece that was later to be released as ‘Strong, Calm, Slow’ on Astrid Sonnes second album ‘Cliodynamics’ from 2019.



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On 2/27/2021 at 7:47 AM, Silent Member said:

Nice, is there a video of this to be found anywhere?

yknow, i'd never really looked to see this, as obvious as it is that the audio was seemingly taken directly from camera recordings. BC notes states that two actual pro directors were where the audio was pulled from but that doesn't seem to be online as far as i can find. here's some various phone recordings: 

that one should start at 1:45, goes until about 4 minutes in, just a few snippets.

here's a short clip of the end, that foggy red vibe with the vocals is haunting

5:30ish to 7:20ish

(that one's got a lot of clips of some cool audio elsewhere in the video too, visuals are trash for the most part)

in all this hunting i'm seeing she's had a few tracks and collab tracks out on various labels over the last few years, gonna be digging around for more of that now.

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