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Conservatory of Flowers is the second album by a Siberian-born, Moscow-based musician and composer Maria Teriaeva. Following her solo debut Focus in 2017, Conservatory of Flowers focuses on rhythm and percussive elements, cutting down ambient passages and leaning even more toward traditional song forms, structuring compositions into pop-length pieces. Recorded over a period of three years, mostly composed during one summer at her dacha (cottage in Russian) just outside of Moscow, resulting in a vibrant and light sound inspired by her surrounding nature.

In addition to analog synthesizer, the album also features Nikita Shishkov on trumpet, Vasiliy Yanik on saxophone, Yana Chekina on cello, Sasha Elina on flute and Vadik Korolev on vocals, with the album closing off with a remix by Sapphire Slows.

The vinyl release of the album will be available by May 2020 on Hidden Harmony Recordings, with a special edition vinyl (limited to 100 copies) coming with an incense paper as a collaboration with olfactory artist NJ Neumann; when burned it provides an ambient scent inspired by the music.


releases April 17, 2020

Maria Teriaeva – composer, producer, modular synthesizers, guitar
Vadik Korolev – voice, lyrics (4, 9)
Yana Chekina – cello (4, 6)
Sasha Elina – bass flute (2)
Nikita Shishkov – trumpet (4)
Vasiliy Yanik – saxophone (4)


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