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  1. https://soundcloud.com/miamihealthspa/z2d3ilhftmlh
  2. http://lost-angles.com/portfolio/paulene-hamasaki-embrace/
  3. https://soundcloud.com/miamihealthspa/paulene-hamasaki-city-girl
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9_b85GS_Ro new shit's bumpin'
  5. also https://soundcloud.com/miamihealthspa/lkqjabg5gtqb
  6. https://soundcloud.com/miamihealthspa/thepowermix
  7. DJ Dick 2 Face DJ Pump Up Tha Fuckin Nasty
  8. Not calling his blog Spinal Fap was a missed opportunity he'll probably regret
  9. One thing Ive noticed lately is that all the Marvel posters look terrible, be it composition, poor photoshop, incorrect perspective etc. Its quite odd considering the heavy usage of effects in the films themselves.
  10. Cocktopussy Her Majesty's Secret Sperm Wish Poonraker The World Is Not A Muff lol
  11. wow, we could buy a korean cloned dog, and beat it to death and then have a fancy funeral for it where we play the record.
  12. May as well get the best possible quality you can, although CD will probably do. Fuck it, 128kbps mp3's all around.
  13. nah, thats just jealously that. Have a pack of quavers and you'll feel better.
  14. Of all the responses I thought up regarding this record the only thing that is consistent is my utter distaste at hearing pharrell williams' voice... That and the relentless hype are affecting this record for me. I just wish they'd have made a record like this when they had no major following as then I'd probably be left to enjoy it more, without hearing the opinions of a million nobodies every time I hear that fucking Get Lucky chorus. That and now having to see a bunch of cunts who think they're hip cause they're down with the new Daft Punk album, you know, like they havent been around for a couple of decades... The world is burning.
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