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  1. Don't let that stop you it's a classic album, I always couldn't get enough of that track they did with Neil Rogorts 'Geet fortunate', what a song...
  2. What are the chances he's totally sold out Daft Punk style with an album full of ego driven 'artsy' features and music videos with a wired Nile Rodgers chewing his face off, dripping in sweat while aggressively thrusting to the beat? In fact, I hope that Nile Rodgers bit happens.
  3. Totally missed another comp. Just not had enough time lately to get any music made :( Sounds like another classic. BACARDI... AND COLA... !!!!
  4. In the middle of a move. But I'm in. So hopefully I'll get something done in time
  5. https://soundcloud.com/miamihealthspa/z2d3ilhftmlh
  6. GET IT HERE https://miamihealthspa.bandcamp.com/album/explosive LISTEN HERE https://soundcloud.com/miamihealthspa/destiny https://soundcloud.com/miamihealthspa/pump-that-acid
  7. And you'd better hope they sound like fucking hardware, or else your dead to me killabyte... DEAD!
  8. whats up with the apathy toward plug-ins back in 2016 theres the next CHATMM comp.
  9. You don't understand, Im gagging to get crackin on this bootlegged fruityloops. Sounds analog as fuck to me. Proper hardware sounding
  10. About to head off the interwebs for now. Not going to share my music when there's obviously people being dickheads to me over my opinions. I'll perhaps share some other music when I sign back on. What genre? share some analog recordings and lets see if we can use a plug-in that sounds better just for fun Im also partial to some acid-polka
  11. I actually don't know myself. I named the multitrack files as pad 1, pad 2, 909 kd etc when they were recorded. The mix was done in ableton, but doesn't give any more clues. It's most probably layered from a couple different synth patches though.
  12. There isn't at the moment , however there will be some more very soon hopefully. Thanks again!
  13. https://soundcloud.com/miamihealthspa/sets/maximum
  14. I've heard this could have something to do the the Youtube Red program, as subscribing to it includes access to google music... not sure if thats true or not but sounds possible.
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