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  1. i know... it was never possible, but it was also never needed... this works with other every other link... every link i add to my home screen obviously redirects me exactly to the link i added to my home screen, it doesn't redirect me to the main page of said link... that's just nonsense... you fixed this once so there's no doubt that something can be done but apparently it only annoys me so, don't fret no more... the solution from that website doesn't work on my android... the only chrome widgets i can add to my home screen are the entire bookmark list and a search bar... no single bookmark widget for me... /last post
  2. NO this happens via add shortcut to home screen function on every browser... via that, the shortcuts would open in app mode... but now, that, is fixed... they finally open in the default browser... problem: all of the created homescreen shortcuts lead you to the same place, forum.watmm.com I feel like a parrot... bookmarks were never a problem...
  3. ty! it's not an app anymore... it opens in the default browser, perfect... but, no matter what link I add to my homescreen (genban, music discussion, ylc, etc), all of them redirect me to the same link (https://forum.watmm.com/)...
  4. https://bthaha.men/search/Nirvanna the Band the Show /
  5. Unrecorded Night Drama, Mystery | TV Series (2021– )
  6. same shit keeps happening on mobile, watmm is now an app...
  7. u guys like gorillaz??? mashup!!!
  8. i posted this on the world music thread but it fits perfectly in here:
  9. fun fact, main melody comes from here:
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