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  1. this is heavy af, best psy pop/rock of the last decade...
  2. being Bluetooth doesn't change audio quality if i'm not mistaken...
  3. same here, i've been using Sony MDR-7506 for more than 10 years now and I think they´re excellent, can't complaint... Now I'm looking for the same sound quality but with the Bluetooth option... Any recommendations? I don't wanna spend more than 150 bucks...
  4. don't get me wrong but I think the thread title should be changed... what we're posting is not world music (local music from out there)... what we're posting falls under the category of traditional/folk... GUINE BISSAU ALGERIA
  5. love me some Peruvian folk... one of their music styles is the Huayno, I posted some in the previous page... :^) just listen to this, it's the modern Huayno, the psychedelic harp, the deep bass, shit's crazy af...
  6. this cover, true fan right here!!!
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