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  1. they're not seagulls they're veganas...
  2. you're right they're obviously obvs 2 different tracks... edit: shit this is a bomber... richard pls make good music again...
  3. one of those versions is from drukqs reissue but what about the other one? oh, there's another version in his soundcloud dump? can't quite understand why i don't have it... edit: nvrmn i'm a dummy... he uploaded it today and you're just making sure everybody understand that they're 2 completely different versions... i agree with you!
  4. revisiting this... quite honestly i only really dig poduk 29, papat4, s95tx16wasr10 and aisatsana... these ones i fucking love but the rest? meeeehhhhhhh... if he did he's dumb... minipops is nothing compared to windowlicker... imho, afaik, asap, tldr...
  5. on loop... fucking majestic!!!
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