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  1. Now you can pull your dick out and masturbate in front of ppl... Don't forget to firstly ask politely...
  2. Minimum wage in PT is around 500€... Still on my way José😎
  3. I pay 34 for my internet+tv+phone and around 50 for water+electricity... Mobile phone I pay like 20... U guys are fucked... 🙄
  4. M8There's no digital filter in the 1st one... I used my sunglasses lens...
  5. Going back home tomorrow... 🛫 🛬
  6. how/why do you guys know so much about this creature?
  7. Ben Wheatley dude, what's going on? Your last movie looks pretty bad... Anyone's seen it yet?
  8. i'm into sweet popcorn... salty ones are boring...
  9. loud? i yell at myself! i'm so fucking annoying ffs...
  10. i while ago i had the same problem, there was some stupid process running and it was eating up all my memory and cpu... don't remember what it actually was but check your task manager for something unusual... does it onoy happen on watmm? if so, that's strange... https://smallbusiness.chron.com/cpu-spikes-apps-running-31874.html
  11. btw i also watched the trial of tim heidecker - pure delight...
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