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  1. yeah but they're all fucking losers!!!
  2. what do u all use to watch your movies and shows? streaming services vs blu-rays? your computer vs blu-ray stand alone players plugged into a tv (what dimensions?)? stereo or 5.1? recommendations on region-free blu-ray players are welcome! also, what to have in mind when buying one... i'm leaned to say they're all the same but they're prices can go from 200 to 2000 so what am i missing?
  3. yeah it's like asking if gas is better than a car... :^)
  4. this is already in the africa thread but it deserves to be everywhere, from The Gambia:
  5. there's a remastered version? sweet!!! gotta get to it! that just reminded me of this:
  6. yeah they're labeled NF, AMZN and so on or you could check their source in the media info...
  7. yeah now that i've searched more extensively i also found lots of stuff close to 10 gb's, i guess the files i've come across when browsing for what i like never really were that large... noticed now that generally netflix files are usually smaller than the amazon ones... one good example that boggles my mind is annihilation, the biggest web-dl 1080p i could find is 3.25 gb's, and that movie deserves way more quality... i don't have netflix so i can't check but is this really the only option for download from the site? or people couldn't be bothered to download a larger one and share it?
  8. one of my favorite movies... why would you buy it without seeing it first though??? thanks for reminding me i really wanna buy it...
  9. watched doom patrol and right after the umbrella academy, none of them are good good but i felt more attached to the characters of the doom patrol even though they're stupid as shit... it's more quirky and i found it funnier than the umbrella academy, which takes itself to damn serious ending up feeling retarded... now i'm going trough titans which i believe will be my least favorite of the 3...
  10. although i think it's not an oficial release, i could only find it on ebay (it's not registered on blu-ray.com), and i'm afraid it's an upscale from the dvd release...
  11. correct me if i'm wrong but i was under the impression that web-dl files didn't compress the media file anymore than netflix already did, it's a simple remuxing of the original video and audio from netflix into an mkv container... so what you have on netflix is basically what you get on a pirated release... i always download the largest file and i've never seen a 1080p we-dl file bigger than 5gb's... even on bluray rips, i can always notice pixelated blacks, don't you? yes you can but those are not compressed web-dl files from streaming sites, those are rips from the physical media which nowadays you can find uncompressed remuxes with sizes around 35gb's or more...
  12. yeah but the same happens with wav/flac vs mp3 320kbps or even lower and everyone goes for wav/flac... most web-dl's i get from torrents are full of compression artifacts, aren't these the highest possible outputs as you've put it?
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