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  1. What if i told you that it's possible to tranform the way we all wear socks 4 ever ? BetheLightthatradiatesunconditionalLoveForgiveHealandhaveFun
  2. It's fine dudes don't worry, I have a window in my cabin and just managed to download season 1 and 2 of westworld so hope is not lost... thanks for your concern thought... I truly appreciate it!
  3. Shit everybody confined alone to their own cabins during 72 hours... Shit just hit the fan...
  4. Yeah gotta agree, sand witches with crisps is the best!
  5. I'm a bit of a misanthrope sometimes... :^(
  6. 3 more confirmed cases on my ship, but they've been isolated for quite some time now... These people are not respecting social distancing at all, they keep touching and hugging and breathing on top of each other, riding the elevator like an herd, 10 in a round table at lunch, bunch of fucking retards... This makes me not feel sorry for them... Sorry if i sound too harsh...
  7. Sorry tldr... What happened today that made you so excited?
  8. Anyone can recommend something in this vein? I've tried mesuggah's catch 33 but it sounds too much like nu-metal...
  9. So, they decided to finish everybody's contracts yesterday, but still they're gonna pay us another whole month... And, they're letting us stay onboard until we decide we wanna go home or if the situation allows... Good deal, can't complain at all, free food, accommodation, medical and wifi... Basically paid vacation on the ship during one month... Let's see what happens next... I rather be here than confined in my house alone in Portugal, spending money without earning any... Honestly i feel privileged right now... Feel sorry for everybody who's going trough hard times now... :^(
  10. But yes i did post about that confirmed case some pages ago... Well, honestly I'm also finding hard to keep track of the time that has passed but they stopped shore leave for crew and disembarked all the passengers like 3 weeks ago? But since the confirmed case, wich was like a few days ago, we need to be in quarantine for the next 15 days... Edit: passengers disembarked on the 16th and at that time the plan was to be quarantined to the ship until april 11th, occasionally going to Miami to get supplies... Then the 1st confirmed case was one week after on the 23, so we'll be 15 days after that on OPP LEVEL 3, wich is not quite the same as being quarantined... Quarantine means that we cannot go out of the ship while OPP LEVEL 3 means that we have to be constantly sanitizing the ship with 2 different chemicals and fog machines, and we cannot serve ourselves in the self-service restaurant to avoid touching all the tweezers and whatnot...
  11. I've been holding my breath every time i cross someone... Ship has 11 decks, i already can hold my breath during that time...
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