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  1. i always though he was making fun of the band Beatles... Beatles suck my garbage they come out in the heat...
  2. r u into anime? cause, u know, if u watch real anime u'll see how lame MFKZ is... i'm saying this cause MFKZ is a collab between japanese and french studios...
  3. the only book i've ever read was the da vinci code...
  4. is it leaning more towards drama or comedy?
  5. No, unfortunately I do not - I am assuming that was with a previous account? i dunno, something happened around 2005, i guess the big watmm crash or something? so i guess yeah i signed up again and i remember you asking us if we wanted to keep our old post count (and probably also our original sing up date) and at the time i passed...
  6. Tim_J


    defo but some peeps don't realize that, and still think that tool is a good band... :^)
  7. Tim_J


    i once discussed with some peeps from my class that nostalgia could be a good feeling and everybody was tripping out saying that no dude, no it's not, it's sad!
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