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  1. 1 NSFW Content Warning issued by Joyrex May 22, 2012 Penalty Given 1 points Note for member You know NSFW is not allowed, even in a spoiler tag. 1 Warning Warning issued by Joyrex November 8, 2011 Penalty Given 1 points Note for member 1. Behave yourself and accept that it's my forum, my rules, and you will operate within those parameters 2. Request to have your account suspended permanently and do not return. 1 Warning Warning issued by Joyrex January 3, 2011 Penalty Given 1 points Note for member PM me or a Mod if something happens you're not happy with - no need to create a rude thread and then proceed to continue to be rude even after you were told WHY your signature was changed. 1 Warning Warning issued by Squee June 3, 2010 Penalty Given 1 points Note for member Hey man, I've removed the post you posted in the BFH (Big FUcking Hole) topic since it was NSFW and according to the boards rules I have to give you a 10% warning. But hey, everyone gets that at one point or another :)
  2. i'm on a pc at work, i have no access to youtube... 😕
  3. well, horrible annoying soundtrack (and i'm not referring to the death metal song), awful animation, and honestly I didn't find it that funny/engaging...
  4. i tried aggretsuko and it's unbearable... couldn't get past the 2nd episode...
  5. it's been posted already, twice, lol
  6. what does the burger reaction mean?
  7. maybe it's because usagi left?
  8. anything is a good reason to bump this thread... still baffles me how it doesn't get more praising by watmm members...
  9. no wonder with your, and papa's, lame threads... :^)
  10. The Jesus Rolls! Big Lebowski Spinoff Following The Dude's Arch ...
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