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  1. Doesn't it look like the 'J' is lower than the rest though? Tim_J It looks like it's attached to the underscore...
  2. Fantastically stylish, this couple delivers once more:
  3. I don't know anymore this is getting to meta... But I guess if I wanna quote you on one of those replies it's easier if I just select your reply to me and use the function quoted selected text... Like this: I changed it from Inter to Open Sans, which is what it original was - Inter is the new default font on this forum software. I'll be working on the contrast (a lot got lost on the conversion; the pre-update report only indicated a few minor changes, which was obviously total ca ca.
  4. In this post you quoted 3 users: https://forum.watmm.com/topic/96926-new-forum-discussionissues/?do=findComment&comment=2821767 And when I quoted that quote, your replies to each comment got merged in one whole comment...
  5. Don't forget the 🍔 pls... Oh and this quote system is not working quite well... I quoted your top reply and all the text from the 3 users you quoted got together in the same window...
  6. What if I told you? Mandela fx... 😱 B da lite Yada Yada Yada...
  7. It's hard to understand what's wrong cause nobody is specifying if they're on mobile or desktop mode... Furthermore, to whomever is complaining about harsh contrast in dark themes it really depends on the brightness value on your mobile... So I guess it depends if your in a brightened or dark place cause you change it accordingly... I don't mind about round avatars, I think they're stylish... My main complaint is the absence of borders, but then again, the problem only happens if my brightness is very low... If I set it high enough I can see the contrast between windows so I do
  8. How many times can you change your username?
  9. Finished this yesterday... Maybe they'll reconsider and decide they'll bring it back after all... just like they did with Tuca & Bertie...
  10. this was solid, it's just getting average reviews cause his previous movies were high praised...
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