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  1. Tim_J

    I need a DJ name

    DJ Weddings DJ Van Diesel
  2. @dingformung btw, i hope your soul burns in hell...
  3. i member zelah's curly hair and his bike, and one of his songs with an amen break...
  4. can you also delete your own threads? if so, joyrex pls take my money i wanna subscribe to ekt plus!
  5. Tim_J

    Joyrex stop

    football (soccer) subforum should be the first one to go... deplorable... what about a badminton subforum, or curling for that matter???
  6. my favorite, asmr is just like drugs, the threshold keeps getting higher and higher and you just keep looking for better stimulating videos cause the old ones don't work anymore... right now i can't find anything better than this, the low freqs on this mics are the best, and she's has the best mouth sounds ever, when she does the chhhhhhhheeeeeeeewwwwwwppp plus the sound of scratching the mics and ends with her hands rubbing oh my, ear/neck/braingasm... gets me every time...
  7. i usually use the cup emoticon for best comment and not thanks... and i never laugh that hard when i use the haha emoticon...
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