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  1. Lesley

    ? - twels

    Faucon's great, sounds like Snares to me though. twels sounds lke someone from watmm trying to sound like ae.
  2. imo the kaoss seed tracks are pimp. I'd love an album of them, they put me right in the nostalgia zone of Japanese PS1 games and Arnie movies.
  3. Lesley

    Rare pics of Ae

    you can taste the sweat
  4. Nice upload ) I've been loving the Moon's Milk recently, only got in to Coil recently but it's amazing, boiled owls and stuff I love it.
  5. Sounds like a guy singing "all on my own" or something too, very nice ending.
  6. My mum said "I wouldn't listen to it, but it's alright as background music" when I was listening to Draft as she visited. edit: she said that before about the Glasgow 2005 liveset, "alright as background music"
  7. I wish ruckverzauberung 4 wasn't so limited and hard to find, It sounds amazing playing it from the Kompakt site.
  8. The first thing I noticed was the beats don't hurt my ears like some do in headphones, they sound and feel nice.
  9. 180db sounds much better in the flesh
  10. Guys it's took 6 years but now I understand the power of Quaristice! It contains the power of deep space, I knew I'd probably get it eventually, you just have to create the album from all the versions. I've tried to get it to descend in to ambience, probably needs tweaking but I love this, feels like I have a new 'chre album ;) Fuck sake the screen print didn't appear in the post
  11. Sinefold He's turned in to Joey from Friends
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