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  1. I wouldn't be able to rank from confield onwards, i.e. since, as I see it, they achieved that thing which is Autechre and nothing else... I can instead scale the previous things, and, generally, my liking follows the chronological progression (except for 3repetae which, although according to them, is the starting point for an approach free from other influences - they talked about it in an interview -, I find it discontinuous, and on some occasions it doesn't catch me ). What continues to surprise me is the fact that, instead, the approval goes in reverse: you would expect this in a generic electronics forum, but in the Autechre forum it is unexpected to see how the aspects of when Autechre were less Autechre prevail I haven't written the word Autechre enough. Autechre.
  2. the two lords are apparently alone in arousing in me the spirit of consumerism, which I once did not even know I had
  3. Anxiety is something I hear very often associated with Ae. Probably because the construction never rests on something stable or defined, and one gets the impression of being constantly in the imminence of something that must happen but that is never resolved. Someone once told me "this music you hear is always on the verge of starting but then never starts". Yet for me that not stabilizing was already the point of arrival, not the starting. Twentytwentytwo takes this aspect to extreme, in some parts the more I concentrate the more I get disoriented, but if I feel anxiety, it's associated with a sense of surprise and discovery, the anxiety that is experienced in the moments in which a change is faced.. ...i've gone a bit too far as well, but if we don't do it here, where else?
  4. cf (and ep7) are the beginning of the journey. All that came before was training in the IDM gym
  5. if the race had been a cash bet, I would have fallen into disgrace
  6. Draft78

    draft 7.30

    tapr - 2:04 ...is the cat still hidden among the layers?
  7. entering watmm and find out chiastic above confield
  8. from 3:45 onwards : ae spacefuckery
  9. tewe is gold, but, well, confield dictates the rules on olympus
  10. WTF!!!!! i'm the only geek who checks the autechre forum everyday and doesn't know when autechre stuff comes out That's why the two tracks nailed the vibe Up until a moment ago, for me, mastodon was a sludge band, not a social media...
  11. this dude played dirty with the title ( ) , but I have to give him that he nailed the vibe
  12. thanks for this post, I'm listening to the various links a little at a time: printiig is truly a discovery 🚀
  13. The user (boat breaker) also kindly put the link to download the flac in the description
  14. reading this a little consoles me, even if ... well, I would have missed even if the situation had been excellent, but you would have had a very different kind of experience: i'm sorry that things sucks so hard ...Yes, another thing about c2c is the austere place, and the whole mess to drink or find a corner to relax for a minute: no way. And yesss, Milan was a memorable trip. As for Turin: it's fascinating city, it is dark (i mean, legend want it as the "esoteric capital" of europe) and overflows with history. There is an almost cinematic sense in its streets poised between the decadent and the prestigious, and the interiors of the buildings (mostly seventeenth-century) are still in a vanished time. Forgiving the councilor for tourism digression, I read "Turin" and ineffable nostalgia rises
  15. yep, my sortie was a bit generic and inaccurate. Electronic events (like any event) are inherently social. In the case of club2club there are several variables that make it different from what, for example, could be sacrum profanum. Partly due to the choice of artists, which is generally oriented to a dance context, as a sort of augmented disco (legitimately, since it is called club to club), partly to the environmental and cultural context. In writing "social" I wanted to translate the word "mondano", that in Italian has a meaning relating to a moment of collective fun for an average, non-specific target. Although my polemical tone, in reality I have nothing against club2club (it is simply what it wants and has a right to be, and indeed constitutes an exception, considering that such things in Italy are very rare), but it is not the right place for ae, which, on the contrary, are very specific in what they do. And it is not so both for autechre and for audience, which, the latter, finds itself listening to something it does not know, and that requires a lot of attention even for those who know it well
  16. all club2club stuff. It is not propely an electronic festival, but more a social event, 90% of the audience does not know what autechre is, and when the light goes out they think there is a problem with the lighting system, and after a while they even start to protest ...that's why, this time, they play at 8:30 and not at 4am like in 2016 I suppose
  17. this set is sneaky, full of stuff but never explicit, it never winks and asks for a lot: without massive molecular help it can be really hermetic on the first run
  18. ...ah!, if that's the guy who took care of sunnO))) then it doesn't surprise me that the Barbican system has exploded ..saw sunn0) twice , and both times, despite my deafness, I felt physical pain. I think it was the purpose: the fucking martyrdom. At terraforma the volume was not devastating (again by my standards), but still enjoyable, and everything was defined and lively (at least, considering it was outdoors). ...Who knows now at club2club ( ), in 2016, it was low and messy.
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