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  1. probably in the terraforma's case it was necessary to have a little light for safety and orientation reasons (those who were not immediately near the stage would have lost themselves in the various lanes of the park, among the pines), so they chose the least invasive solution. and with a connection to sign. The most beautiful luminous presence, however, was the north star - also this contingent i suppose...- which hung over our heads among the black branches of the trees
  2. Good!! we would have been 6 meters away, you on my left. Now I understand why I am the only one, among those who were with me, who does not complain about the talk of the people (first time in an ae gig): I had found the auric area of those who were there to listen. The sound of the clip is devastating! it's not the first time that i-phone videos crush bootlegs: next time (c2c) I will trash the recorder. cell phone at full blast
  3. LOL: in the last seconds of the recording, amid the applause, you hear the people who have to pick me up while I have the characteristic facial expression from post-ae stress disorder: "we have to go ... can you do it ...? ... Do you feel bad ?..."
  4. I arrive late (for unknown reasons my connection has been interrupted for two days) but I see that others have posted a bootleg, and of definitely higher quality than mine. I corrected all parameters of my recorder, but since there is no specific volume input, the bass still saturate. In any case, here is my shitty version: https://sendgb.com/okTrpCGaZqR Now I understand why the comments from the previous date were so dry: after such a thing you can only write "wtf" or similar. Impossible to describe what happens at that time, and bootlegs, even well-recorded ones, are nothing more than vague souvenirs. I try anyway: the behavior of the sound is indefinable, melodies and rhythms move, overlap and slide over each other; everything happens constantly, without the need for an apex (actually there are, but not in the traditional sense: it is an elusive world, on several levels, and plastic like never before). One of the most intense sonic experiences I've ever had, for an hour I dropped all the shit I carry on my back, and became something else, of which I remember little, except that everything was totally absurd and perfect. Thank you Ae.
  5. 19 minutes: not able ti send pics, a miracle to find this fking Little letters, feel likes a kid the First day of school. See After ragnarok
  6. by extension: yes, we have this prerogative of the natural / artificial distinction, as if we were not included in the universe, as it manifests itself, but a contingent and external fact. Mostly we do not realize that what we define "artificial" is not the opposite of "natural", but only a specificity of nature, the activity of sentient mammals (no matter whether for good or for bad, which they are, once again , our specific categories)
  7. yes sir, cheap means here, but I'll do my best sir
  8. if things go for the worse, I believe you are entitled to a refund (I saw that the tickets for Friday were sold out, then they became available again: this makes me think that someone has given up, getting a refund, and freeing the seats): a second date in Italy is planned for November: the situation is not as inviting as the Terraforma, but if the prospect is to miss the flight, club2club is the lesser evil
  9. I take this tread even more broadly: if I find something that I think stands out for something, and that sparks my curiosity, there is a chance that the same thing could be true for other users. The link with autechre, in this case, is the mere fact that it's music that requires some attention to be assimilated and that is cool to me, a guy addicted to ae.
  10. I remember that especially in Krakow I "clearly" (lol) heard flocks of sounds moving above my head, so much so that I had the impression of a "carpet" of speakers mounted in the ceiling, and so also depending on where I went, groping in the dark, I encountered different situations. But, again, the fact that I was very far from the sentient condition makes really difficult to understand if it was the sliding into synaesthesia or if a mix was really thought that oriented banks of sounds in single areas of space (thing that would then be inevitably lost in the stereo soundboard). This is a question that would have been interesting the other day. i'll hold it to the next AMA, hopefully in 10 years
  11. I still haven't been able to figure out if this fact is due to being there, or to the things Panormix put me in the potion about half an hour earlier
  12. yes, it makes sense ... I got carried away anyway, maybe I would prefer a studio version of the set, which systematically collects each fragment without leaving anything to chance (...sure... nothing to chance lol)
  13. if I understand: the recording of the Primavera is fucked up, so, probably, they will publish the next sets, while the Primavera one will be reconstructed in studio? If so, it could mean that every single set will be very different from the others, and that for each one they have already studied a structure, to the point that not publishing one of the sets (in this case the Primavera) would mean losing an abundant part of work, not present elsewhere. Nobody would have been offended if, for this time, after two years of world nightmare, they had prepared a two-hour live instead of the traditional rigidity of just one hour. Autechre pls The soundboard of a live, as far as I'm concerned, has the same weight as an album wtff ... so they have it!!!!!!! ... 12 years have passed, and with chronometric obsession, those soundboards are claimed with endless pls petitions. Why they are not already on AE_STORE is something beyond my understanding: they would be immediately bought, and I would have a babelic spontaneous release of serotonin, that would make me a better person. If not for me, do it for those poor who have to live close to me
  14. my understanding of spoken english is estimated at 5 words out of 100, so i am understanding just now, with yt subtitles, what i watched yesterday for 5 hours. He talked a lot about cinema, and I would have liked to have his point of view on some things that, for vague and verbose reasons, I associate with Ae, but nothing, my handicap is insurmountable (and in any case he skipped the only question that I wrote in the most pathetically scholastic way possible), but it's ok, knowing that guy exists makes me sleep easy
  15. a guy in the chat wrote "I'm recording everything and soon I'll upload to youtube" ... anyway, on the twitch page there is already everything: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1495439243
  16. So, according to what he says, in these two years they have reworked and updated the liveset: what they play live represents Ae actuality. I would be curious, at this point, to know how the new set would have been 2 years ago, if there hadn't been the covid between the balls
  17. nothing, after walking around the living room table for a couple of hours, I had a breakdown. I listened to the first 5 minutes. That thing happens. Again. The clear knowledge of having something in your ears that goes beyond music. ps: oversteps tour feeling a go go
  18. as I get older I see things change, the habit itself is so used to getting used that the very fact of being used creates a clamor, yet that Autechre thing immediately manages to bring me to the first time: now the problem is: I'll be able to get to July 1st without listening the bootleg? I don't think it's fking possible
  19. Maybe a contact line with r catz... ? maybe not, it doesn't matter: Plotkin rediscovers the scenarios of the times of Joy Of Disease, and it's beautiful https://jamesplotkin.bandcamp.com/album/the-spectacle
  20. let's see if I'll be able to fall for it again, next year
  21. this piece by John Gibson also brings me back to n Cur I have never delved into J. Gibson in the past, so now I discover amazing scenarios. in this case the repetition is insisted up to the addiction, and a bit like it happens with bqbqbq, it is the sum of intervals in the same beat that creates quantity of melodies and mesmerizing moments galore
  22. but I'm a poor lazy dude who writes with google, if I don't capitalize the algorithm corrects me with chronic
  23. Look, Chronical! You just smashed my encounter with TMA-1
  24. yep, poor guys.. those who come with me to Ae live know it: an hour before I disappear, to be found two or three hours later somewhere in fetal position: at this point they pick me up and take me home
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