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  1. Any download links? The video isn't downloadable for some reason.
  2. Saulty Grautinn samples Tewe, too. Seems like Plastic Memories samples both Characi & Weissensee Against Im Glück
  3. Is that a SAWIII announcement?
  4. Hadn't they removed the WeTransfer links from the store? They're up (again): https://autechre.bleepstores.com// Thanks for all the great work on the replicas, still thoroughly enjoying AE_LIVE 2008-04-04 Echoplex (MD MM MPC1K)[Replicated][Limiter].wav
  5. Plastic Memories also seems to sample Autechre Play Weissensee Against Im Glück
  6. Yeah, and I'm hearing some Incunabula/Amber percussion throughout (eg 02:43) but I'm not sure if it's Nil I'm thinking aof. And the voice in Ceral Rudestorm resembles The Tuss - talkin2u mix2 +9 https://bjarki-official.bandcamp.com/track/cereal-rudestorm
  7. and Apparat, who released Tttrial and Eror, one of the finest Chiastic-likes, before going pop. https://www.factmag.com/2017/02/26/autechre-chiastic-slide-20-years/
  8. eye


    I thought the same a couple of days ago, definitely some elements
  9. eye


    Some more Chicago 07:50 sinistrail sentinel (with some curvcaten around 9:30?) 30:00 c16 deep tread 40:00 7th slip 53:00 c7b2 57:00 g 1 e 1 59:20 carefree counter dronal
  10. eye


    That version of carefree counter dronal at 59:30 in the Chicago set
  11. eye

    AE_STORE Is Live!

    I'm not even halfway through the EU AE_LIVE, but I recently found out that for me the most rewarding way to work through them seems to be to get really familiar with one set, 5-10 listens and then move on to the next to really notice all the differences. 'Minor' changes seem to turn the tracks upside down. I already knew it'd be impossible remember which set is which, but that was before these 19 dropped. I'd still love to hear the Sonar soundboard one day: I definitely prefer the sets on speakers, loud.
  12. eye


    Pretty sure I hear latentcall in twels and xflood in 9a9a Ran
  13. I'm not sure, but I'm hoping it's new. Anyone trying to put the tracklist in order? I don't know all tracks well enough and it's hard with only one bad recording to go by, but this is my first approximation based on this: 00:00 Aphex Twin - Various Ambient doodles/snippets 04:00 Aphex Twin - Stone In Focus 06:00 Aphex Twin - T16.5 MADMA with nastya 11:50 Current Value - Dead Communication (feat. DR & Lockjaw) 14:00 Aquarian - Event Horizon 16:00 Holy Similaun - Mtazmex + ? 18:25 AQXDM - Aegis 24:30 Zuli - What You Do 27:20 Logos - Wut It Do (feat. Mumdance) 29:20 Unknown ID #2 31:00 ? 33:00 Skee Mask - 50 Euro To Break Boost 35:30 Aquarian - Hamburglar Helper (Aquarian & Deapmash Remix) 39:00 ? 41:00 Aphex Twin - Phloam 44:00 Reload - Peschi ... AFX - oberheim blacet1b Luca Lozano - Ton ? ? Aphex Twin - PAPAT4 (Pineal mix) AFX - Cilonen ... Aphex Twin - Gwety Mernans Aphex Twin - MT1 t29r2 ...
  14. Skee Mask was a proper next level set imho. Incredibly eclectic, but well structured but some astounding mixes. Miles ahead of his last set in Brussels and his boiler room set. I hope it was recorded.
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