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  1. Bergen: https://archive.org/details/Autechre2022-11-02
  2. Listened to the Bergen recording this weekend. Sometimes felt like it's some monster that's constantly morphing, there's rhythms and sounds from all of AE's history trying to break through and settling in new combinations, so much beauty and emotion in it. Also, something that sounded like a remix of an older track (can't remember which) using SIGN/PLUS patches. And then there's ambient opening, the melodic opener of the second Barbican set moved to the end, and that sick, sick 'double bass' track from the Helsinki set. Great to hear the enthusiasm in the crowd too. I loved it, and was exhausted by the end. So much to sink your teeth in. Can't wait for the soundboards, and I hope they'll be able to EQ the soundboards in a way that does justice to the actual live sets. Still, I'd be a pity if there'd only be so few live performances of all this material they've created. This was really made to be performed and experienced live.
  3. I've been looking for the article, but I can't find it anymore. iirc, she said she wished (cis)men wouldn't listen to her music and come to her shows, and that her lyrics are strictly queer business now.
  4. Yeah, great fan of the first album. I liked quite a few tracks on Plunge, but stopped listening after a messy live show and some intolerant statements by Karin in an interview I shouldn't have read. I'm curious about all the guest appearances on the new album: https://thequietus.com/articles/32332-fever-ray-new-album-details-radical-romantics
  5. what's with the price though. € 18 for a 50 minute digital album?
  6. I was at C2C for Aphex Twin and Skee Masks a couple of years ago. Both great sets, but the festival itself was a mess. On day 2, the security decided to confiscate all lighters upon entry because the day before, there had been some smoking inside. Huge amounts of cops at the doors too.
  7. iirc, sean mentioned locations that still haven't been announced, so I'm hoping there'll be plenty of new dates in 2023
  8. Love this album! L10, LFIVE and Lacovset are new favourites, but there's a lot of other great tracks on here. A lot of AE NTS vibes, especially on tracks like NB AP, STMS and BS2. Didn't like the King Kashmere tracks before the album was released, but I've really warmed up to them, they make the album work better. It does lose some momentum towards the end, though. Effem feels like an out of place Plaid track or something.
  9. Great mix, this might become a Fear Ratio favourite for me. Some beautiful tracks on here.
  10. Yeah, can't wait to hear the set again (and the other one). Doubt my headphones or stereo will do justice to all that bass tonight. Quite a few next level bangers in there imo. Didn't mind doing some seated dancing and head nodding - maybe even a slight improvement over the akward dancing to the 2016 set :)
  11. Yeah, was wondering whether the first set also had all these pretty straightforward hiphop beats and the scratching. Had a lot of groove to it. Had someone in the back row doing some erratic random clapping for like ten minutes in the last part of the second set, pretty weird.
  12. Loved it, a lot (2nd show that is, anyone been to both?). Beautiful first track, fifteen minutes that were a bit tougher to process right away, and then this series of bangers.
  13. No worries, thought so but wanted to be sure =)
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