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  1. Whoow, that's great news! Good luck on those last parts!
  2. Your parcel is due for delivery Tuesday. Great, paid extra for tracked & couriered so I would definitely have it tomorrow
  3. If they say they've got two albums lined up, I'm pretty sure they got two albums lined up.
  4. Those bells in M4 Lema around 2:05-2:09 & 2:19-2:22
  5. Cannot unhear 🙂 In AE_LIVE_GRAFENHAINICHEN_170715 at 11:47-11:53 I always hear a cartoon version of what I think is called a lip wiggle in English, something like when you wiggle your lips with a high pitched 'beep' (can't find a better description for it) In a lot of AE_LIVE sets, that section also seem to procedure a cat-like meow (eg 13:50-14:04 in KATOWICE)
  6. Steve Lehman loves autechre https://stevelehman.bandcamp.com/track/qplay
  7. 'que from surine' seems to use bits from the AE LIVE ‘08 MD & MM, or are those preprogrammed?
  8. Yeah, in the mixlr chat Sean mentioned that only about 1 in 3 tracks they do together, and it's been like that for a long time. So most tracks you would call 'solo tracks'. At the same time, they're both working on the system, they're playing around with each other's patches and they're imitating each other in creating patches. So I guess it's always going to be messy and it's going to be autechre.
  9. I'm hoping they'll just drop the album, no preview tracks.
  10. eye


    Listened to the Melbourne set for the first time, love how the organ stabs transform into this great 8 bit bit with some heavy bass parts. Lots to discover here it seems. The variations between the first five are more subtle. There's the obvious banging parts, but there's such an incredible amount of really beautiful, moving, melodic parts in these sets.
  11. The Brussels gig for Konoyo was one of the highlights of the year for me, trance-inducing. After that the album left me a bit cold and disinterested.
  12. Tighter table, I thought. Could be wishful thinking 🙂
  13. Seems like the tracks page Seems like it's changed a bit more since your post.
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