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  1. I like the music, but damn, every single one of his press blurbs and newsletters of the past three years has rubbed me the wrong way. Either pretentious or just plain creepy (all that Margot Robbie stuff and the 'he's still single, ladies'). Also doesn't sit right with me that a big name like him would choose to look for bandcamp friday profits
  2. https://acroplanerecordings.bandcamp.com/album/decayed slight vletrmx vibe imo
  3. It'll probably be up on leisure complex in a few days: https://www.youtube.com/c/LeisureComplex. There's a ton of good reasons for choosing not to put it on youtube, don't get sore
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brion_Cemetery The music was great too!
  5. c16 deep tread & artov chain!
  6. Loved the last one, ready for another great night!
  7. Hell yes, sounds great! 16E8C08 has been one of my favourite albums of the past year and go-to when I need to get some stuff done
  8. There seemed to be something off about it
  9. Yeah that was over tt1pd, great stuff
  10. r cazt & some SOPHIE tracks now
  11. 30 second preview is up https://bleep.com/release/219565-anodyne-decayed
  12. Hm, maybe I'm wrong we just prepped an album btw two actually also some live things, onesix thats soon done roughly 750 hours of jams last year taking a break because people are dying also revamped the system live set is 99% complete just need to do the intro [...] yeah well u will have to wait because virus soz hes ok yeah hes still working on his bit of the live stuff so left him to it im on radio duty no lol we just phase our work sometimes, i was gonna do my holiday now
  13. No, I think he really was talking about a new liveset that was almost complete, Rob only had to finish the intro. That was apart from the 2016/2018 soundboards.
  14. It was totally appropriate
  15. Never realised the full set popped up online after all:
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