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  1. I saw her live twice in the past few months. The music sounded great, but it didn't move me, whereas it sometimes induces goosebumps when I'm doing other stuff at home. Bit weird.
  2. Your file seems shorter than the original and sped up around the midpoint? (and now it seems blocked :))
  3. Seems like there are new tracks up on soundcloud
  4. Yeah, unreleased (and in another set)
  5. Just the card, so people wouldn't have to carry the vinyl all through the night. I'm curious if they're different versions of the orphans tracks - the tracklist said nightmail (not nightmail 1) and Atlantis4x take2_3 (instead of take1) or something like that.
  6. Yeah, most emotional moment in the set imo
  7. I was guessing unreleased nihiloxica
  8. Any download links? The video isn't downloadable for some reason.
  9. Saulty Grautinn samples Tewe, too. Seems like Plastic Memories samples both Characi & Weissensee Against Im Glück
  10. Is that a SAWIII announcement?
  11. Hadn't they removed the WeTransfer links from the store? They're up (again): https://autechre.bleepstores.com// Thanks for all the great work on the replicas, still thoroughly enjoying AE_LIVE 2008-04-04 Echoplex (MD MM MPC1K)[Replicated][Limiter].wav
  12. Plastic Memories also seems to sample Autechre Play Weissensee Against Im Glück
  13. Yeah, and I'm hearing some Incunabula/Amber percussion throughout (eg 02:43) but I'm not sure if it's Nil I'm thinking aof. And the voice in Ceral Rudestorm resembles The Tuss - talkin2u mix2 +9 https://bjarki-official.bandcamp.com/track/cereal-rudestorm
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