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  1. Tighter table, I thought. Could be wishful thinking 🙂
  2. Seems like the tracks page Seems like it's changed a bit more since your post.
  3. https://aphextwin.warp.net/release/86520-afx-orphans
  4. eye

    4utechre (Ae twitch.tv)

    Hard to pinpoint, but I'd swear there's some spl47, splesh and 2005 live stuff in there
  5. eye

    4utechre (Ae twitch.tv)

    Am I hearing fresh autechre beats? It's great, either way
  6. Thanks. That's probably why it's blocked ?
  7. What's the direct link for the youtube stream?
  8. There's an example of a print in the article now: https://crackmagazine.net/2020/04/aphex-twin-stream-warehouse-project-live/
  9. eye


    Hoping Zagreb is among the sets. Best onesix I've heard. What about the Japan and Australia dates? They have some onesix elements in them, but the sets were quite different. Later release?
  10. Some heavy venetian snares sampling. I don't know. Seems like all the good tracks rely heavily on sampling or emulating good artists, and other tracks are a lot weaker.
  11. Seems like they're posting the AENA artwork, see #2015
  12. I'd love to hear Vinsynth13 Test Track 3 and 4, didn't even know they existed! https://www.discogs.com/Squarepusher_-Vicsynth13-Test-Track-1/master/1668459 https://www.discogs.com/Squarepusher-Vicsynth13-Test-Track-3/release/14732503 https://www.discogs.com/Squarepusher-Vicsynth13-Test-Track-4/release/14732524
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