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  1. Related:: https://ra.co/podcast/785 Can you tell us about the idea behind the mix? I put together the best of underground badass dance music that I've been recently making. I only used unreleased tracks. The mix relates to something I've been into lately: revisiting the idea of club music, what I'd like to hear and be surprised by. Accepting the need for quantized music for a moment. Trying to share happiness.
  2. Is this set up for download anywhere?
  3. Loving the album, with a couple of next level tracks that stand out to me: A.I., Bitter Sweet, It's All Good, Papersand, Playground, Floating & Space. I'm hearing some AE in there :)
  4. Love his new BBC Essential Mix: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000vz7m
  5. Great, great mix! Any chance you're putting it up for download?
  6. Seems like Ilian dropped a new album out of the blue. https://iliantape.bandcamp.com/album/itlp09-skee-mask-pool 1. Nvivo 05:33 2. Stone Cold 369 06:04 3. LFO 04:54 4. Rdvnedub 06:12 5. CZ3000 Dub 06:19 6. DJ Camo Bro 05:55 7. Collapse Casual 04:35 8. Breathing Method 05:55 9. Ozone 05:32 10. Rio Dub 05:45 11. Testo BC Mashup 06:46 12. Dolan Tours 06:39 13. Absence 05:15 14. 60681z 06:16 15. Crosssection 04:43 16. Harrison Ford 05:00 17. Pepper Boys 06:12 18. Fourth 05:39 about w&p by Skee Mask mastered by the Zenker Brothers & Klaus Arnold artwork photos by Lara Köcke credits released May 7, 2021 p&c Ilian Tape 2021 license all rights reserved
  7. I like the music, but damn, every single one of his press blurbs and newsletters of the past three years has rubbed me the wrong way. Either pretentious or just plain creepy (all that Margot Robbie stuff and the 'he's still single, ladies'). Also doesn't sit right with me that a big name like him would choose to look for bandcamp friday profits
  8. https://acroplanerecordings.bandcamp.com/album/decayed slight vletrmx vibe imo
  9. It'll probably be up on leisure complex in a few days: https://www.youtube.com/c/LeisureComplex. There's a ton of good reasons for choosing not to put it on youtube, don't get sore
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brion_Cemetery The music was great too!
  11. c16 deep tread & artov chain!
  12. Loved the last one, ready for another great night!
  13. Hell yes, sounds great! 16E8C08 has been one of my favourite albums of the past year and go-to when I need to get some stuff done
  14. There seemed to be something off about it
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