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  1. Triggered (not like that) by the recent AMA where Sean talked about making Parhelic Triangle with elastic bands and a shoebox (! - but also - of course) I found this video on YouTube. Hadn't seen it mentioned before so I thought I'd bring it to attention (did a cursory search and nothing popped up immediately on here). It's a pretty great visualisation IMO, I watched it just before sleep in the dark and it did a nice number on me 'ed.
  2. They do seem approachable. From his Twitch Sean seems like a proper great dude all round. But I don't think I would approach them, it would be embarrassing for all parties most likely.
  3. OT, but Topdown Dialectic is mint.
  4. Cristian Vogel is mad underrated imo. Just been quietly busting out top level electronic music for the last 30 years or so.


    You're suffering from the same autechre trivia affliction


    Definitely recall something about M39 Diffain I think - Rob saying it was made from rain samples in Berlin? Jesus the amount of useless trivia in my head.


    L-Event is all pretty much perfect and newbound is integral to the perfection imo

    elseq 1-5

    Knowing that it might (/will almost certainly) take years to really get an autechre release might be the defining sign of being a diehard autechre fan.
  9. New Cristian Vogel album is really good. Not like autechre, more like Cristian Vogel. But if you like autechre, you might also like: https://cristianvogel.bandcamp.com/track/s18 Wrt the 'what is the point of this thread' question, yeah, stuff that sounds like an artist you love specifically because they are so singular does seem self defeating. For me it's more a question of does the music engender some of the same feelings that I get from listening to autechre, or music that although superficially different appears to share specific traits, to give an example: a perceived kinship in song structures and approach to time/duration between late period ae and On The Corner era Miles.
  10. Honestly holding out from listening to bootlegs between now and then is going to be hard. Going to both shows too, somewhat hoping they do very different sets but, hey whatever.
  11. Just finished watching on YT. Cheers Whitley. Sean Thx ofc
  12. Even more glad I got tickets to both London dates now. Shit a brick. Can't believe I missed all this but I don't have anything interesting to ask anyway.
  13. Yup, with different pals. Will make up for missing 2016.
  14. So sad. Too too young. Thoughts to her family.
  15. Yeah these ads are brutal, I was wondering if it's just me or my phone is broken or something. I thought I was a paying subscriber too, I will check, maybe my sub has lapsed.
  16. It's always bothered me that BC doesn't have any competitors keeping them honest, imo a strong market is a good thing and a VC backed monopoly is surely always going to take a wrong turn at some point. This might not be that point, but if it isn't it'll be something else down the line. So whattup Bleep/Warp? C'mon guys, you're most of the way there already.
  17. Yeah that's a good point, tbf doesn't even have to be Avant Garde. I mean Opera isn't necessarily avant garde but it sure ain't for everyone. I bet there's Opera forums where they're like "Why is Opera so difficult to like?"
  18. What I think I was trying to say was: They're just not for everyone, and that's fine. Not in an elitist or clever clever way, they just aren't. And, i think they are also pretty far ahead of their time. When Miles Davis released On The Corner, it was widely hated, even (especially?) by people who were into jazz. Now, nearly 50 years later it's generally regarded as classic by people who are into music. But still the vast majority of people, probably even the majority of music fans, won't have heard it or like it - even though it's great, it's still not for everyone.
  19. They have a very high bar of entry. I'm glad I got into them when I did, cos if I looked at them now I would be overwhelmed and that would just be by the size of the discography, let alone the relatively impenetrable music. Generally if I talk to people about them, I'll be like they're incredible/incomparable to anyone else/etc, maybe I'll talk about "the autechre effect"/click that I'm p sure everyone here can relate to, then I'll be like, but seriously, don't bother - by all means check them out, but I won't be offended if you are like wtf is this shit.
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