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  1. Yeah that's a good point, tbf doesn't even have to be Avant Garde. I mean Opera isn't necessarily avant garde but it sure ain't for everyone. I bet there's Opera forums where they're like "Why is Opera so difficult to like?"
  2. What I think I was trying to say was: They're just not for everyone, and that's fine. Not in an elitist or clever clever way, they just aren't. And, i think they are also pretty far ahead of their time. When Miles Davis released On The Corner, it was widely hated, even (especially?) by people who were into jazz. Now, nearly 50 years later it's generally regarded as classic by people who are into music. But still the vast majority of people, probably even the majority of music fans, won't have heard it or like it - even though it's great, it's still not for everyone.
  3. They have a very high bar of entry. I'm glad I got into them when I did, cos if I looked at them now I would be overwhelmed and that would just be by the size of the discography, let alone the relatively impenetrable music. Generally if I talk to people about them, I'll be like they're incredible/incomparable to anyone else/etc, maybe I'll talk about "the autechre effect"/click that I'm p sure everyone here can relate to, then I'll be like, but seriously, don't bother - by all means check them out, but I won't be offended if you are like wtf is this shit.
  4. It's both hard and accessible. Something for everyone. Might could be my favourite.
  5. Bogdan has a limited tape release coming out (https://mondoj.bandcamp.com/album/muzyka-dla-imigrant-w), in the short message he sent out on Bandcamp he mentions that "Warp has given the go ahead" for it. I know he released Rave Til You Cry on Warp imprint Disciples, but this announcement suggests (to me) some sort of exclusive contract a la autechre. Anyone else shed any light on this or care to speculate?
  6. Gave this a proper listen last night, prime 5 minute cuts. Also surprised to note that Topdown Dialectic have releases going back to 2014 on Bandcamp.
  7. Imagine. A whole album of ae remixing techno/electro/and acid classics. Damn. I wouldn't be surprised if there was already a load of unreleased material along these lines in the vaults.
  8. I had that fairly recently with Quaristice (I say that, it was before the first lockdown so probably like 3 years ago...time goes fast with kids). Always liked it but one day out walking and listening it was like I'd never heard it before. The autechre effect.
  9. My mate stuck it all in a jar with coconut butter. Spread on toast it definitely worked. Possibly too well.
  10. There's a couple of SOPHIE beats on that album, both are bangers.
  11. It's cos there's no time between tracks, so say you cut up a break into separate tracks, then shuffle, it will play them concurrently. I think. That was (somewhat, although Seam says it has a flow when played in the standard way) the idea behind the Gescom Minidisc release.
  12. Damn never heard this!
  13. Wait a sec, I found a link that worked last night https://archive.org/details/AE_ONESIX Give big thanks to them, really fantastic!
  14. This is amazing. Some real work has gone into that! I recall reading there was a similar thing done for onesix - does anyone know if there is or is it the Mandela effect?
  15. And I mean SDEM not ZNS, I can get nothing right tonight.
  16. O and REQ has released some stuff on there too, and does some artwork for them too. *I mean Ekoplekz durr
  17. Seagrave is killing it at the mo. More Planet mu than Rephlex, especially cos Mike P has released stuff there and Echoplex too. But lot of really good stuff, Fear Ratio and ZNS have put stuff out there recently too.
  18. It's great, some very mellow Bogdan. Why doesn't Bogdan have his own subforum? Why isn't this thread longer? Where is everybody?
  19. I read (in The Wire I think, long time back) that Terry Riley liked Logic because he could use different tuning systems.
  20. Damn I hope so. Got LP5, want the others. Especially now I got my vinyl setup running sweet.
  21. Just finished reading, wicked interview. I love reading Autechre interviews. What a sad cunt ha.
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