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  1. I love that about Autechre, tracks that seem really opaque on first and even tenth listen, suddenly revealing really pretty melodies hidden in plain sight. Clever bastards.
  2. I listened to just Parhelic Triangle in isolation. What an amazing track. Often I find that's the best way to listen to Autechre - just one track at a time, pure focused attention.
  3. Curious who ...... is at midnight.
  4. Rob Hall on AMKS.live right now.
  5. Gutted, what a loss. First DOOM, now this 😞
  6. I also appreciate Reaper's 'Guiltware' business model - after a month of use it's still free to use, but when you open it it has a pop up which basically says, come on, don't be a dick, it's only £40 for a lifetime license.
  7. If Reaper works you won't go far wrong - coming from any other DAW to it won't be jarring. I went from being a long time Cubase user to it with zero regrets, straight away it was comfortable and intuitive. Recommended without reservation. Fwiw, when I was doing stuff with DAWs it was mostly doing things that you could, in theory at least (like insanely labour intensively) do using tape - mainly cutting truncating and pitch shifting, using the timeline as a sample arranger - and Reaper was great for this. Haven't done any music in ages (building headphones has been my main creative outlet
  8. Reaper works on Linux under Wine perfectly by accounts so I would have thought so. I mean, if it doesn't work on WinXP you could always install Ubuntu (or whatever) and run it on that.
  9. New EP from Mark Broom and James Ruskin of Fear Ratio. On Seagrave which as a label are killing at the moment. https://seagrave.bandcamp.com/album/meanwhile-ft-dj-prime-cuts-sensational
  10. 117hres24ih sounds like an Autechre track title
  11. Fuck it, doesn't matter. The story is set, whether or not he did tase himself in the balls is immaterial, he will forever be known as the guy who tased himself in the balls. Cos it's funny.
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