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  1. Arca is really bloody good. Stretch EPs are amazing.
  2. Amazing. Cheers Sam & Dave, you guyzzz are the best.
  3. I don't get why anyone, when faced with artists that continually explore and expand, would want them to return to stuff they've already done. You have that stuff already! More new stuff pls! *Ahem* whenever it's ready
  4. Lol review, not interview. They never interviewed a Ford Fiesta.
  5. Loved that when it came out, must pull it out again, been a long while.
  6. Yeah it's great. I love the first EP especially, think it probably makes more sense if you think of it as 2 separate EPs.
  7. I vaguely remember hearing V-Proc on Top Gear in an interview for a Ford Fiesta.
  8. Xflood might be favourite track on the whole thing. It's definitely well up there.
  9. New Logos album has something of an early ae vibe, to my ears.
  10. TT1PD would mix in a DnB set I reckon. Think you might have trouble finding a DnB crowd that would allow it. Spl9 could be a goer?
  11. Not four to the floor, but Doctrine still bangs.
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