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  1. Pure speculation on my part, but would be surprised if they didn't.
  2. I got a feeling (totally unfounded) that the second set (or sets in that style) won't be released til after a North American tour. What's the chances they sit on that for the rest of Europe, release Europe sets (all in style of first set), then tour NA using mostly the second set, so NA gets to hear something totally fresh, then releases those sets after as per 14/15 sets. Being selfish I hope they don't do this and release the second Barbican set with the first batch, but I wouldn't be surprised if they did.
  3. Definitely where you were sat I reckon. I almost brought a little recorder with me, I had such amazing sound for the second set. However even if I had brought it I almost certainly wouldn't have been able to operate it. Also some excitable idiot kept clapping inappropriately where I was sitting.
  4. I accidentally DL'd set one first, immediate impression is that it sounds better than my memory of it in person. Really great!
  5. Wicked, I most likely won't bother then, it's not my strong suit tbh.
  6. Cheers dude, I'll have a look see if I can help at all with mastering.
  7. First one was similar (same set, but different of course cos Autechre). 2nd set was completely different.
  8. And yeah, I'm dumb as a rock. But I do try to treat other people online with the courtesy I would afford them IRL.
  9. Fwiw William Fields' work in this vein is very good imo, as is Topdown Dialectic. The actual method and nature (wrt how much is generative Vs human controlled in the course of composition) is a mystery to me though. Of course Sean Booth has talked a fair amount about the use of Artov Chains to generate melodies/rhythms (almost inseparable terms in the case of autechre). But I'm sure everyone chatting here knows way more about this sort of thing than me anyway.
  10. Out of interest where were you sat? Cos I reckon that might be one of the biggest factors in enjoyment in there. Acoustics made a huge difference. I know next time I see anything at the Barbican I'm going back centre, cheapest tickets and usually some of the last available.
  11. Yeah I love the Barbican. The whole estate is amazing, reminds me of Syndicate on the Amiga. Less guns/murder tho.
  12. Tell Commercial you're good at mastering! I would do it but I'm really not very good at it, much better for someone with some chops in that area to do it.
  13. Wicked. I've no doubt i would have been enjoyed it massively straight as well, it was so fucking good. It wasn't the shrooms doing it, it was definitely them.
  14. If whoever works on it could do some spectral/dynamic trickery to take me out of it it would very appreciated
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