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  1. I'm sure the bros talked about Sensational in an interview at some point or another too. So another link there. He also did an album with Kouhei Matsunaga.
  2. This tune popped up on my BC feed last night and I'm blown away. Live percussion has a very ae vibe to me, but overall this isn't like anything much else I've heard. http://ventil-records.bandcamp.com/album/messing
  3. Reading this while listening to Brian Eno's Nerve Net (a much better album than I had previously thought as it happens), there's a track where it sounds like he's saying "Sean" over and over. At least that's what it sounds like to my addled and hungover brain.
  4. EP7 is among my favourite autechres. But so are most autechres so...depends on the day. One little thing I love specifically: in Zeiss Contarex, after the melody plays hide and seek all through the build, just as they give you the melody in all its glory the rug for one go round, then pull the rig from under you. Like Coop in Twin Peaks 3. Love that tune. Also I didn't know about this Coachella bootleg, grabbing it now - thanks!
  5. I like melve as a verb. Bravo.
  6. Respectfully dis a gree. Laughing Quarter is top 5 all time Autechre bangers.
  7. D-sho qub springs to mind. Perhaps Blyz Castl?
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