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  1. I found this album by a band called Pole called while looking up the other Pole on streaming service. Kind of jazz/improv type thing, the drummer is really good. Can't really find any decent info or reviews, seems to have gone under the radar of The Wire etc. I had considered sharing it here for a while but wasn't sure how appropriate it was for this thread, but seems more appropriate given last couple of posts. I got a late electric Miles boxset around the same time as NTS came out, thought similar stuff. https://pole666.bandcamp.com/releases
  2. Being unable to steel myself for any longer and wait for the official release of the 2016 soundboards I just did a quick and dirty mastering (remastering?) job on the Oslo Bootleg. I chose that one cos it was the cleanest as far as audience noise is concerned, and generally just a really good recording. If anyone is interested here's a link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1XLO3hdjHfpoyZWF48W3e8RoL668zd3ds I DLed the original (24bit FLAC, 48k) from archive.org. I was originally just going to EQ it a bit to mitigate what I perceived to be a bit of nasty room resonance in the midrange and try to boost the definition of the kicks a bit but when I opened it in Reaper I found it was hard clipping all over the place, so I used the Izotope RX de-clipper on it to try and minimize the effects of that first. Then I EQed it, light limiter on the output and finally dither down to 16bit 44.1. Like I say, it's quick and dirty, i just went through and tried to find the worst offending bits of resonance to tune the EQ to, and I haven't even listened to it all yet, so it may be a bag o shite. Props to whoever made the original recording, it's a pretty incredible bootleg, nice quiet respectful Norwegian audience too!
  3. Just saw The Bug at E1 in Wapping and that was a fantastic warehouse venue - amazing soundsystem among many other pluses. Sean pls
  4. Autechre review Pitchfork every time they name a track 'Casual'.
  5. Yes for sure. Could equally easily have been sampled from Hollis Crew tbf. Of course the DMX was used in loads of other stuff but that sound in Pen Expers is well characteristic of the drums in those 2 tunes.
  6. A mate of mine reckoned Pen Expers sampled the drums from Sucker MCs
  7. Yeah boy. Down for the long haul, should be a cracking night.
  8. Excuse linking to Reddit but may be a link here still: https://www.reddit.com/r/pcmusic/comments/cjhj5d/help_the_drive_of_the_remix_album_got_locked/evdem2u
  9. This is mint. I got Sketchbook back in the day and didn't really click with it then. Re-listened the other day with new ears and it's great. Some of this reminds me of the Skull Snap EP which is a very good thing.
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