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  1. So I had a dick around with the tracklist last night, ended up with: 1. DekDre Scap B 2. ecol4 3. 7FM ic 4. ii pre esc 5. lux 106 mod 6. marhide 7. X4 8. esle 0 9. TM1 open I don't usually change tracklists, feel a bit presumptuous tbh. But I listened this morning and this worked well for me. P.S. ecol4 has everything I could ever want in one track.
  2. Seconded, hope you good QBLA. At first listen to PLUS I was like aw yeah. This is what I want. A bit further along the line I can't help (like many here it seems) but feel like SIGN hangs much better as an "album", it's much more of a piece. But now I'm thinking that it may just be a matter of pacing/track sequencing. Like there's a bunch of short tracks to kick off, then 2 epics broken by one short track in the middle followed by a bunch of SIGN offcuts then a final epic. Feel like there's a puzzle there to take it apart and put it back together in a way that flows better as a piece
  3. Having said this, I haven't listened to anything since Steingarten. Now I'm listening to Wald and that's great too.
  4. Damn this is great. I haven't really liked any of his albums since the (classic) trilogy, but this stands with them easily.
  5. Shouldn't OP really mark this thread as answered?
  6. Oh I didn't know Deckard's Dream was a synth. Ignore me. That said, could equally be triggering synth from Max.
  7. Well, Max/MSP doesn't preclude the use of samples - see Marhide and all those 808 cowbells (unless, of course, that's an 808 being triggered from Max. Or not triggered from Max). RIB?
  8. I was thinking the bell from eO Or is it e0?
  9. Damn late to the party again, as usual. Just blahscrolling Instagram and this pops up from WARP. Kids are still up. Go to fucking bed.

    Rob pls

  11. You should always use Century Gothic for old times sake
  12. Me and Mrs EXTRASUPER are definitely not going to listen to SIGN together tonight, because we have not only opposed tastes in music, but opposed ideas about what music is, should be and is for haha.
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