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  1. Yeah boy. Down for the long haul, should be a cracking night.
  2. Excuse linking to Reddit but may be a link here still: https://www.reddit.com/r/pcmusic/comments/cjhj5d/help_the_drive_of_the_remix_album_got_locked/evdem2u
  3. This is mint. I got Sketchbook back in the day and didn't really click with it then. Re-listened the other day with new ears and it's great. Some of this reminds me of the Skull Snap EP which is a very good thing.
  4. Come With Us is so underrated. Last 3 have been great too!
  5. P sure they mentioned it in AAA
  6. Yeah I'm p sure this is legit
  7. 6) Confield was fascinating for all it's layers and levels of sound. What direction is the new stuff headed in? / Peck John. northface
  8. I member this. Be surprised if it's not on a thread somewhere here.
  9. Found this at the local recycling centre the other day. It was among a selection of some of the baitest big beat records (wiseguys/freestylers/lionrock and so on) which, tbf, had I found them in 1998 I would have been very pleased haha. Anyway I was very pleased.
  10. I think I would happily pay for more in this vein. Do you have any other work like this on bandcamp or such?
  11. This is really good and seems to have flown under the radar: https://ventil-records.bandcamp.com/album/peace-in-drifts

    elseq 1-5

    Yeah as it happens I don't have NTS on vinyl as it was a) bloody expensive and b) seemed a bit absurd given All End's unsuitability for the format. Elseqs parts seem like the ideal length in a way.
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