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  1. Whenever I try and say something i read it the next day and think what a pretentious twat.
  2. I hope I never meet them. It would be an embarrassing mess, like Adam & Joe talking about how they couldn't interview Bowie.
  3. It seems to me that stuff like that, and say Eli Keszler's album couldn't exist without the angular vocabulary that Autechre pioneered. I might be wrong in that assertion (though it seems unlikely that these people would have never heard Autechre), but I love that there are more people incorporating these kinds of counterintuitive rhythms and shapes into instrumental music.
  4. https://kr0n0naut.bandcamp.com/album/krononaut More human Confield stuff 35unit
  5. Dunno, Hudmo and Lorenzo Senni have Bandcamps too, probably just Warp chasing revenue streams/visibility.
  6. Better in Midsummer setting. With Bergerac in full effect.
  7. Thanks Beerwolf for pointing out this on Bleep. I panic bought it on the webstore on CD, couldn't believe I could be so late to the party that it sold out already on vinyl. Then ordered vinyl on Bleep...o well, CD is the best source I have anyway, think I'll have both.

    Domino Set

    This gif is superb. I can't stop looking at it.
  9. Or just ask Sean on Twitch. Yeah m8 just doing this and this then da da da with this.
  10. Dunno if it's the best place to start, but the album they did with Mark E Smith (Tromatic Reflexxions I think?) is great.
  11. ? it's easy done And my joke was weak.
  12. Well what do you expect from Servals?
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