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    Love to talk to unemployed racist incel antisemitic child molesters who have sold 15000 records and now believe themselves to be superstars elevated so far beyond normal everyday people that they can't even be bothered to talk to them and must conceal their identities for fear of being mobbed by hordes of nonexistent imaginary fans.

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  1. i couldn't believe someone made a whole podcast about autechre and then it's like describing how their tracks sound .. like.. make a podcast about the sky and talk about how blue it is most useless thing ever
  2. i will gladly finish this for $1400 thank you
  3. you guys ever curious what tools like dj tiesto make https://www.celebritytalent.net/sampletalent/3005/tiesto/
  4. sorry guys i made sean and rob mad and now they won't release the new albums
  5. too many WATMM users in the chatmm forum use IRC
  6. someone please fly to japan and buy the damn tshirt bundle so i can get the other vicsynth tracks wtf is taking u ppl so long
  7. anyone ever find vicsynth1.3 track 3 and 4? apparently from a qr code, that comes with some t-shirt bundle, that you can only get in japan https://www.discogs.com/Squarepusher-Vicsynth13-Test-Track-4/release/14732524
  8. i'm just going to listen to the album from upstairs while playing it at full volume in my basement maybe spill some beer on myself, burn my clothes with cigarettes and have some ppl over to talk loudly over the music same experience as going to the show but vastly cheaper
  9. this is painfully awful trying to sell mine on discogs
  10. amazing, you'd think that her inability to make even slightly tolerable music at more than a toddler level would have been the thing to get her cancelled jk as if talent has anything to do with electronic music
  11. it also doesn't help that most of these sales are overseas and mail order so returning the vinyl often would cost everyone involved almost as much as selling the thing in the first place ? that said, it was disappointing, but by no means 'unlistenable'
  12. you can clean a poorly pressed vinyl all day and the clicks and pops that are pressed into it at the factory will still be there i dunno what the deal is but cheetah and collapse were both awful pressings, my distinct impression is that the factory is not properly cleaning the presses between pressings resulting in little clicky artifacts being pressed into the vinyl it's really disappointing but if i sent back every vinyl with ridiculous show-stopped skips in it i would be sending back a lot... it's interesting how you will never encounter this stuff anywhere on records pressed before say, 200x, but it's fairly commonplace now
  13. this is crazy i can't wait for this new Jlin album
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