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  1. it also doesn't help that most of these sales are overseas and mail order so returning the vinyl often would cost everyone involved almost as much as selling the thing in the first place 😞 that said, it was disappointing, but by no means 'unlistenable'
  2. you can clean a poorly pressed vinyl all day and the clicks and pops that are pressed into it at the factory will still be there i dunno what the deal is but cheetah and collapse were both awful pressings, my distinct impression is that the factory is not properly cleaning the presses between pressings resulting in little clicky artifacts being pressed into the vinyl it's really disappointing but if i sent back every vinyl with ridiculous show-stopped skips in it i would be sending back a lot... it's interesting how you will never encounter this stuff anywhere on records pressed before say, 200x, but it's fairly commonplace now
  3. this is crazy i can't wait for this new Jlin album
  4. so you took albums to a rdj concert to get them signed so... you could sell them later? so they aren't cherished memories, and now you're going to sell them to someone else who never went to the show why do ppl even sign these things just so fake-fans can flog them on ebay? huge waste of everyone involved's time
  5. wouldn't buying that sort of be the antithesis of everything aphex ever 250k for a magic DAT of tunes you can dl for $5 in 24-bit wav remastered on premium flashy gear
  6. https://www.instagram.com/p/BlyzXuInz48/ new afx art (apparently) at elephant & castle tube
  7. i want vinyl reissues of music is rotted one note feed me weird things hard normal daddy and optionally budokahn mindphone maximum priest
  8. A friend (mrwp) and I did this mix of MIDI Sans Frontieres a long time ago, and I recently re-discovered it. I personally think it's really great and that we're quite clever and all, and we put a LOT of work into it, so if you hate it, just please don't say anything :) https://soundcloud.com/hapbt/midi-sans-things
  9. hapbt

    New elseq shirts

    cool let me know when some kind of device allows me to shrink myself to half my physical size so the largest of these shirts will fit me might be able to wear the 2xl as a hat maybe i assume these sizes are for elves?
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