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  1. ID on that one? the tingly bell one? also whats this heralde business? edit: nvm its this
  2. its cummin this year guys shorn told me dw i know it
  3. dunno who u r but ily
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-51481469 london now
  5. wait a minute, that link is the same as yours, they must have changed the same article, cant edit my post again
  6. not actually ded btw he was just pranking https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-china-51403795 oops wrong link lol https://www.cbsnews.com/news/coronavirus-li-wenliang-chinese-doctor-whistleblower-coronavirus-critical-illness-wuhan/
  7. why are you acting like asking somebody to give evidence is something so out of the ordinary and wrong to do and should be castigated for it? you were the one that said it mate not me lmao. if you say something, expect to back it up. if you hadnt have given me any evidence then how could i possibly have known theyre the same group of people? also telling me to stfu lmfao? idk what kind of discussion ur trying to have but its not conducive to one that champions civility and the pursuit of knowledge. cant think of any examplesoff the top of my head with the same people who x thing. think of it this way, if you hadn't have messaged that guy, or checked out any of their profiles or whatever, and you made that statement and i asked about it, would you really be able to look me in the eyes pixels and truthfully answer "yes they are"...obviously not,
  8. lol well...no, im not. you hardly even know who i am, how can u even make a statement like that lmao i just see this "X is the same people who X" and i just think...how can you possibly know this? have you spoken to them?
  9. are they? where did they also post their thoughts about muslim immigration?
  10. yeeee https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-51325192 dont know why airlines didnt follow british airways sooner
  11. not a valid analogy because malaria can only spread via mosquito bites
  12. where did i say anything about shutting down society
  13. the chinese government isn't overplaying it, they're massively under reporting it. you know they still went ahead with a 100k person banquet in wuhan for celebrations a week after the first death from the virus was recorded? they arrested ppl and journalists who reported about the virus...absolutely fucked up. also, why not err on the side of caution when charting unknown territory with viruses. we havent seen this one b4, although we do know its in the same family as SARS, but why would you NOT be overly cautious when viruses could proliferate at such a rapid rate? you should not be lauding the chinese government for doing anything, they have handled this situation embarrassingly bad
  14. Bodhidharma


    they played like 35 dates of onesix. theyre no longer working on the onesix set
  15. cant wait to do this along side u. whats most recent book youve read?
  16. got my tix ill see u there cant wait to have a rager pack ur party bags coz its gunna be a large one ppl
  17. oh yeah i just looked it up , sorry mb, didnt even know
  18. have mates who are from cornwall hockeysmith is 2 ppl btw
  19. you know...i actually dont think ive ever heard them speak before right now, kinda forgot they would have a scottish accent edit: also, such a cute little interview. rip peel
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