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    AE Tour 2020

    If its an NA tour I'm worried that they would opt to skip Vancouver this time as the venue last time was right in the middle of junkie town and I recall hearing that they thought it was the most sketchy stop on the tour. Pls come. Even if that means it's a seated venue.
  2. e0 is clearly the broccoli track considering its heavy Musick to Play in the Dark era Coil influence. Wise words from the departing. Eat your greens, especially broccoli. Remember to say "thank you" for the things you haven't had.
  3. For me it wasn't so much so much sounding like identical melodies but more the synthesis having a similar quality to some Oversteps sounds on We Dance Alone, Orchid Hunting, Translucent Harbor, and Illusional Notation. Did you possibly use a Nord Lead for those bits? It saw heavy use on that LP iirc. For the Plaid vibe I mentioned was strongest in Walking Atlas and Truth Embedding but I think is more just a product of the general melodic IDM influence you tried to incorporate. I will also take this opportunity to say love your work and to keep on pushing yourself! :)
  4. I will admit that when I first heard it I thought it sounded a bit dorky and rolled my eyes too. What I'm mostly referring to is the lack of any reaction that would denote recognition of the sample. This leads me to believe it's possible they had no idea what it was to begin with, and while that is fine and that time moves on leaving cultural icons to fade from memory becoming irrelevant. My comment mostly reflects on the current status of Boiler Room and it's attendees. I don't know maybe I'm just getting old and should shake my cane elsewhere.
  5. The lack of any reaction from the crowd when he went into that Oh Yeah rework in the BR set is depressing, everyone looks so disaffected. Looking forward to this though, that title is so damn clever it hurts.
  6. Upon a few additional listens I have picked up some very Plaid sounding stuff as well.
  7. I quite liked those aspects of the previous work too, he had a great sense of dynamics within the constraints of techno to be sure. I guess what I like most from this is to see an artist I enjoy experimenting and not settling into an established niche.
  8. Liking this new direction he is taking. There are shades of Oversteps in some of those melodies.
  9. New Acreil is always a good thing. Released Feb 14, 2019 https://acreil.bandcamp.com/album/panchromatic-window
  10. Acreil for me seems to be one of the few people doing truly interesting things with non 12tet scales and not using xenharmonics/microtones as a gimmick to sell derivative and shallow work.
  11. So Siriusmo apparently dropped an EP back in December and somehow I missed it. https://siriusmomusic.bandcamp.com/album/zeit I have been following him going on at least 15 or so years now, and while this seems to tread some old ground seen in his albums it certainly shows more artistic development. Personal stand out: DUR ZU MOLL
  12. Username


    I was also at the Vancouver show, and as a local can certainly attest to how sketchy it would have been. The venue was right smack in the middle of the worst part of town where all the shooting galleries/homeless services are. Hopefully the lads don't take this as a reason to never come back. I remember my wife and I got a parking spot right in front of the venue and what I assume was the tour bus. I'm also pretty sure we stood next to Andrew Ryce and when Sean came up to say "Hi" to him before the show he just talked about his rare glow in the dark warp t-shirt. It's great though to be able to look back and hear that night again in the context of the last few releases. This is now a tour stories thread right?
  13. Pretty cheeky, I guess the soundboards were just too much of a mess after all. Nice find!
  14. I found a thing. I'm sure you all had noticed the number of the session corresponding to the stylized colon by now. The question mark however I just figured out could appear if the physicals are grouped in a bookcase.
  15. For me all end feels like first light after a night of insomnia. When things start to get existential.
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