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  1. Still waiting on that full length interview...
  2. F7 is like the sound form of seeing all potential outcomes of an event branching off and fadeing away from your perspective.
  3. I thought this as well when I first heard it, that its the most Aphex thing they have ever done while still being completely them sounding. Its lush with dynamic percussion fills and emotive melody behind acidic bass. Sent from my Pixel 5 using Tapatalk
  4. I would ask what language either of them find has the most interesting sonic character, or if they could categorize favorites by what qualities each is strongest in. I don't recall anyone asking them anything along those lines.
  5. Ok time for a schizopost... While Sean only mentioned 2 albums prepared during streams, you guys joking about a "purple" 3rd got me thinking about that solo LPs theory again. If the colors on Sign move from reddish to orange on a dark background, and the ones on Plus move from yellowish to green on a lighter background. What if there actually is indeed a third that goes from blueish to violet on a near white background with a title that is some abstraction on Rob. Making Plus the "together" part in the series. What's more, with the whole catalogue numbers both adding up to "14" maybe these r
  6. The X4 progression illustrated.
  7. I had this nagging feeling that I had heard n Cur before, then suddenly the realization it hit me. It's quite similar to this Earth track. Sean played this back when he was streaming on mixlr during lockdown btw.
  8. Lets remove that Y so Your man in Japan becomes Our man in Japan.
  9. At this point they must be winding us up to farm our memes and feed the data into the system.
  10. "You r cazt off from this mortal coil" is more like it.
  11. Maybe they have a gag order on segments of the interviews atm until the other release is out.
  12. Wise words from the Departing Eat your greens, Especially broccoli Remember to Say "thank you" For the things You haven't had
  13. This certainly scratches that moody itch that we had glimpses of in the 16/18 sets. It's also mostly ambient, something that still points to my theory that this and the coming "green" are possibly solo impersonate each other LPs. The only complaint is that I wish some tracks were longer and/or had more defined codas. Maybe this will change with more listens, but man, they really spoiled us with Elseq and NTS, no?
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