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  1. OH MY GOD SAME. I've been thinking about this for years since I saw it on the old peel session eps.
  2. Hot take: The Paris Track and Detroit People Mover are better than the rest of the EP and Be Up A Hello.
  3. https://wearemachine.net/2020/03/06/john-tejada-to-release-moving-909s-ep-in-april/ I’ll gladly take this as I’m desperate for that Plaid EP. remix clip sounds good. https://mobile.twitter.com/johntejada/status/1248383744219566083
  4. Makes me wonder if BoC will use this album as their farewell one since it's 2020 and times are definitely bleak like that album theme suggests. I wanna see what they do for the next album's theme though since I desperately want to see another album soon.
  5. Hell yeah. Plaid really are the black sheep of IDM. Not a lot of people who care to discover their music, makes me sad too. Sure, they're not as experimental as the other big name IDM artists, but they have such a unique sound of their own and have a nice taste in melody and continue to craft their sound a little bit. Seeing people on Twitter legit saying "Who" or people calling albums like this on RYM boring sucks to hear as a big fan.
  6. a friend of mine sent me this obscure Simpsons rant from some cartoon reviewer with 1 subscriber. hilarious shit due to how he's such a fucking edgelord and overreacting to everything.
  7. I miss thrift shopping for old tv tapes. ? Anyone got any dank tv recordings? ?

  8. no because canadians are not minorities that are evil rapists.
  9. Steamed Hams is not even a funny scene for me so the meme doesn't do much.
  10. As much as I want Plaid to do something that's more filled with textures and stuff like the amazing Spokes or the albums before that one, this is one of their albums that fucking NAILS the minimalist touches they've been going for since Scintilli. Digging Remedy is a bit of a step down, while good, but I feel the tracks are a bit shorter to really grow and it feels less cohesive as an album. Polymer I love more than Reachy Prints but Polymer I don't replay as much. Polymer did work with a more cohesive, darker project that had songs that suited their lengths more and is a step up from Digging Remedy. I also appreciate that album was longer, but I would kill for another cohesive projects like this that feels like it fits altogether. Liverpool St is fucking bliss but I'm sad it's way too short.
  11. I keep coming back to Wallet a lot. I think it's one of my favorite Plaid tracks ever right now. That fucking 8bit synth in the background sounds like fucking 80's post-apocalyptic vibes, kinda like something in Tomorrow's Harvest from Boards of Canada. I want to see Plaid use that type of synth again. An the beat is so fucking cool. I also love how the last notes of the tracks sound like a Black Dog-era sound.
  12. TH good album [2]. Not up to the heights of classics Geogaddi and Music Has the Right but still damn good. Tracks such as Nothing Is Real, Cold Earth, Jacquard Causeway, Reach For the Dead are amazing, beautiful tracks. Campfire Headphase is honestly my least favorite BoC album, even though I still enjoy that one. I guess their folktronica isn't that amazing to me? As much as I really love Boards of Canada, I feel I don't get that "magic" I did when I first discovered them 3 years ago. Maybe I overplayed them, I think I get more magic from their pre-studio album releases, whether it be the old EPs or Old Tunes/Random 35 Tracks Tape.
  13. Goes to show America's gotta be first in everything. God I hate living here.
  14. Trolling Anthony Fantano to review Polymer and seeing lots of IDM peeps not digging Plaid or not even knowing Plaid is a thing that hurts as a big fan since I believe they are the greatest of the genre. And yeah, I like Fantano's videos. I'm sorry
  15. I'm so sorry lmaoooo For Orb I've seen to just jump across a few out of order, after Ultraworld I listened to Okie Dokie, It's the Orb on Kompakt because I love that album name and cover and it turned out to be pretty good. Got into Fussball off of that collab project with Lee Scratch Perry which was middling, and then I listened to No Sounds in preparation for this album.
  16. its a cooler use of the minimalism compared to elseq and nts yea
  17. idk why i havent listened to any other 90s orb albums outside of Ultraworld and Pomme Fritz
  18. I'm joshin, I have nothing against vinyl, I just feel personally I would feel listening to All End in separate parts would feel weird. Maybe I have to experience it for myself to really know though.
  19. why would you want to listen to this on vinyl though... FLAC on the other hand...
  20. World's biggest question... are we really the music makers?

  21. what will come first? the two new ae albums or plaid's ep they mentioned they were going to release at the end of November but still haven't ?
  22. also if you want to go more obscure for Ninja Tune I'd highly recommend Neotropic's "Mr. Brubakers Strawberry Alarm Clock", Flanger's Templates, Cabbageboy (Si Begg's aliases)'s Genetically Modified (All from their sublabel Ntone) Sixtoo and Hexstatic are great too, but if you want the best Hexstatic sound I'd reccomend their second and third albums, Master-View and When Robots Go Bad, Flanger's Inner Space/Outer Space, Hex's Global Chaos which is dated but gold, Both Loka albums, Machinedrum's Vapor City/Vapor City Archives and both Wagon Christ's Musipal/Sorry I Make You Lush (I never listened to Toomorrow)
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