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  1. by far the best prefuse release ever... such a classic
  2. You're cruising for them, are you not? Some people use burgers to mean "cheers" I thought burger reaction is generally positive anyway
  3. I know this is sacrilege around here but irlite (get 0), to me it's one of their worst tracks ever, and its placement of #2 on the album makes it even worse because the flow of the album is messed up right from the get-go. I took it out of the playlist entirely... Exai is a perfect album otherwise. Last time I brought this up I was stoned to death with violent gifs lol
  4. My personal opinion on that: I wouldn't expect anything new from boc probably ever. Aphex - meh don't really care. Squarepusher - I guess if I wanted new squarepusher I could catch up on his last 3-4 albums I never really listened to lol. And ae, well Sean gave those AMAs and basically said they're only interested in the live stuff right now. That's cool and all, we know the set is massive and really deep, and the soundboards are coming eventually, but I agree it would be nice if they'd toss another album our way in the meantime. We've had that much more of a glimpse into Sean's personality tho so now it's clear he does what he wants, and if he doesn't want to do that then he won't. (Can't speak for Rob. Rob pls?)
  5. Various other types of windows are also coming up blank: spoilers, "are you sure you want to" windows, etc. @Joyrex Also I just noticed the quote and spoiler options are gone from the posting window.
  6. It's a term I've heard people use around here to describe the phenomenon of new Ae albums being difficult to digest or even enjoy at first, only to click into place as soon as the next one comes out.
  7. Our babies just entered the terrible 2s. No fanfare from watmm this time around. Anybody still listening to these? Who caned them when they were new and have moved on? Who has been avoiding them almost entirely as per the autechre effect? (me) I've been listening to NTS a lot. Lol Gonna give these a few good solid listens this week. 🎃
  8. Is it just me or are the quote boxes busted now? They no longer say who's being quoted or from where. Just started today as far as I can tell.
  9. Sounds about right for new ae. In five years or so it will all make sense
  10. Yeah this one Bibio funk without vocals or cheezy synth lines, how rare! Rest of the album tho - no thanks
  11. https://next.sonicsquirrel.net/releases/d110b5fa-9c11-642d-9443-868cc3b41921/
  12. Geogaddi obviously wins, last album where they actually sounded inspired / took any risks
  13. Derp. It was right there in front of me lol. All this time, never registered as being "autechre" but now so obvious!
  14. Have they even put words/recognizable vocal sounds in anything since exai? Some sounds in artov chain and 7th slip sound like they could be derived from human voice but otherwise I can't think of anything.
  15. 9010171-121 @ 3:51 and 4:17 "eleven fifty[?] you're following me" there's some other words too but can't make them out
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