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  1. How bout that Cichlisuite tho
  2. Wonder what those old tapes sound like today. Maybe that should be the reissue
  3. @JoyrexIs there a way to make it so ignored users' avatars also don't show up? There are many places on the site where ignored users are still visible, eg when a "most recent" post is theirs.
  4. Gave this a listen all the way through, more thoughts: - I second the comparison to Ciaran Byrne (another blatant pastiche artist) in a couple spots, guess this is where we are in history now, pastiche of pastiche lol - Some tracks heavily remind me of Christ. as well - Not all of the tracks on the album are full-on BOC pastiche, fwiw there's a mix of other styles, as the OP and other people have already said. But obviously the BOC element is really in your face - Overall I just found this music dull. That might be my own inevitable descent into "dad"-ness and general snobbery, but to me this music doesn't offer anything particularly interesting. "Polyedra One" and "Xenism" were ok.
  5. I think what's so cringe about this particular pastiche is that it doesn't just sound like the artist is trying to sound like BOC, it sounds like the artist is trying to sound like they're trying to sound like BOC. I mean just really wearing it on their sleeve. That's cool I guess. In post-BOC world all we have is imitation. A little bit is good here and there. But to me this comes off like a calculated effort to make a faux- BOC album. I mean look at those titles lol
  6. Lol at these (great) choices for testing your sense of taste Sorry to hear tho
  7. Hadn't heard this name in awhile, I loved his Blamstrain remix
  8. I guess it is one of those terms that could be interpreted a few different ways yeah. Some might think VI Scose Poise is minimal because it uses only a couple "instruments". But in my mind, the percussive element is doing so many interesting things that I wouldn't consider the word minimal to describe this track. So for me it's a matter of considering amount of detail - edits, timbral variations, "events" - vs number of building block elements, I guess 🤔 I dunno, generally when I think of "minimal" I think of stuff like SND lol, but not Ae... Not most Ae at least, and definitely not Confield.
  9. From what I've read, your best shot at an accurate test reading is 5 days after the exposure (assuming you know when it was). My friend was horribly sick for a day before getting a positive test reading the following day. So it's pretty hard to stay on top of this thing. I think during a time like right now when it's spreading in huge numbers again, it's wise to just keep a mask on and act like you or anyone could have it, as we were doing in the beginning. Yay
  10. People who find Confield challenging: What is challenging about it? I found Draft way more challenging. At the time it struck me as being really contrived. I grew to love it of course but it was a lot more difficult to get into. Confield just felt natural and still does.
  11. To me it's an album, not just because it's album-length but also because it's really cohesive, great flow, has all the qualities of a good "album" imo. Again I wasn't around to see it released as two seperate EPs (not sure if this happened at all in North America actually..?) so it just came into my hands as an hour-long album that was called an EP for reasons unknown to me at the time. And it beats them all.
  12. Sean pls make a "tuba" patch similar to the clarinet one we saw in those clips, pls thx
  13. I finally listened to it all the way through... yeah maybe I'm a shit fan lol but honestly had never made it through the whole thing before. It really doesn't need to be an hour long does it? Half an hour would be cool. But I was on a long bus trip and it seemed like a good time to take the plunge. I drifted into a half asleep state several times and at times it just sounded like white noise in that state. Kinda cool. What a lame ending though lol
  14. Got a cracked tooth, dentist says it can't be fixed and will have to be pulled. Same one that had a root canal last year, a molar. The dentist doing the root canal kinda fucked it up, and although he fixed the mistake I kept holding out on getting the crown on it. Didn't want to shell out that much money if the tooth was going to have more problems down the road, which seemed highly possible. Since then I've just been chewing with it like normal, so it's been a ticking time bomb and here we are. Great start to the new year lol
  15. There's a lot of it going around right now. Four days ago I went out for dinner with a friend, and she woke up the next morning feeling like hell, didn't test positive right away but did the next day. Has every symptom etc, says it's the sickest she's ever been. She had it in the spring and is up to date on all vaccines. I somehow seem to have dodged it despite having had a close visit with her for a couple hours in a loud restaurant. Have been vigilant and watching for symptoms. I did feel particularly tired and run down about two days later but was also traveling (yes I wore a mask everywhere), so it could have just been burnout, and so far I'm still testing negative and have felt fine. tldr who the fuck knows with this thing? Healthy people with all the available protections still get horribly ill, some people get directly exposed to it and don't get sick at all. We need to stop acting like we understand this thing cause we really still don't.
  16. They have two afaik, Mings Feaner and The Faex Has Decimated. Both are excellent so if you're missing one you should rectify that asap EDIT whaddaya know they actually have 3, "the Voynich Manuscript" from 2016 as well
  17. Nice one, 412 front load is a fuckin jam
  18. It seems I'm one of few who didn't find Confield difficult at all when I first heard it. In 2001 I was about two years into ae fandom. My first love was LP5 then I had collected Incunabula, Tri Rep++ and EP7. I LOVED EP7 and caned it all summer in '01. So when I heard Confield that fall it was exactly what I wanted to hear and made perfect sense to me. Bine and Lentic were a bit challenging I guess but overall I loved the album from the start. I didn't pick up Chiastic Slide until later on so I guess it suffered from that, since it sounds like most people who voted for it were around when it came out. I can see how it was groundbreaking at the time but I was coming at it backwards. I do really like the album tho, it has strong winter/snow associations for me and I play it a lot this time of year. I can see comparing the two on the basis that they are both very strong as full-album start-to-finish experiences. Chiastic is more rough around the edges and unified by lots of "crunchy" sounds, while Confield is more of a mixed bag unified by its "organic" qualities. Overall I just find it to be the more colourful and interesting of the two, and has aged better too.
  19. How is confield losing, very disappointed in all of you
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