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  1. Lol, so a misquote and a misattribution. Well done
  2. You might be thinking of the Garbage EP
  3. Massive amounts of youtube embeds. Might be helpful if people put these in spoilers All similar threads crash for me as well (on iphone/safari), I don't even try to load them anymore, very annoying.
  4. Amber has Montreal, Piezo, Glitch, Nine, Further, Yulquen and Nil. Incunabula has Kalpol Introl, Bike, Eggshell, Doctrine and 444. All quite good tracks. I don't listen to much else from either album anymore. Amber wins by a thin margin but overall they're both at the bottom of the list
  5. Hmm, only if it's washable... is it?
  6. The Adventures of Sus Dog and Cringe Cat
  7. Any updates or was that a dead end?
  8. A friend was trying weed for the first time a couple years ago and I sent him elyc6 0nset, I knew he wouldn't listen to it but it was worth a shot
  9. Tri Repetae shirt
  10. Me too. Best one I've seen yet
  11. Hmm yeah these are the same features as before. When a user is ignored you can still see their avatar in many places on the site, when they are the most recent poster in a topic. It would be nice to be able to block this out with a grey square or something, if they can't be blocked altogether.
  12. Listened to Quaristice from beginning to end, I only point this out as unusual because generally if I listen to Quaristice it's all mixed up with different versions of the tracks etc. It's been awhile since I just listened to it as a proper album. Really enjoyed it. The shorter edits of the tracks really work and it flows beautifully. This includes Nu-nr6d which is the perfect coda, unlike a lot of the Japan bonus tracks that just get tacked on at the end, I think it works perfectly in this case. Always enjoy "rediscovering" Ae albums. This is 15 years old now?
  13. i think one possible next logical leap for them would be something like underworld did with drift, ie. release a new track each week. probably minus the visual component in their case. more just that general idea of throwing out a bit of material each week, maybe just a jam or sometimes a more thought out track, whatever they feel like that week. make a big collection at the end. considering the following: they've experimented with various release styles/formats. they seem to be always working on new stuff. sean said he's more interested in the live stuff now than making albums (rough paraphrase, correct me if i'm wrong, been awhile since i watched the ama) so this would be kind of like that - presumably these would be new live jams/ e-l-seqs. also considering how friendly/approachable they've been with the fans lately, sean anyway, this doesn't seem too far a stretch. i suppose it might be a matter of whether warp would be on board. warp pls
  14. Really nice stuff man
  15. This was always my favourite track of his, truly epic
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