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  1. nice!!! whats your favorite tracks from it?
  2. ngl i wouldnt mind an EP series in the vein of Analogue Bubblebath & Analord (those are the two that comes to my mind ik i should listen to more music)
  3. if hes not gonna release anything new can he at least put the Analord digitals with bonus tracks up on his store just any kind of musical activity at this point lol
  4. ill keep using IDM if only bc i love saying the abbreviation but otherwise i do feel pretty icky about it sometimes ngl
  5. lol so i just revisited all of their officially released projects and i see this poll personally love Tomorrow's Harvest & Geogaddi more with TH winning out idk that album just feels so immersive to me
  6. I always thought that one repeating sound in C/Pach was saying "C Pach it up"
  7. on first listen i like it less then both of the previous tours and im not sure if that will change really its still great though!!! btw, did the second bit remind anyone of that one Confield tour jam????
  8. i heard the preview and i wasnt impressed but listening to the full track... yeah it's pretty good!!! a lot more excited for the album now
  9. tbh this would've been a way better cover than the one on that site, ig that one fits the music more though idk
  10. https://www.phonicarecords.com/product/plaid-feorm-falorx-lp-pre-order-warp/183121
  11. idk that description is pretty neat at least to me
  12. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Feorm-Falorx-Plaid/dp/B0BDDKK618/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3HNJXTBB6ON5V&keywords=Feorm+Falorx&qid=1663171058&s=music&sprefix=feorm+falorx%2Cpopular%2C146&sr=1-1 found this right after posting that but its not the same listing
  13. apparently the album is called "Feorm Falorx" cant find the listing itself on amazon though, guess its hidden for now
  14. lol idk why one sample of a girl group is the end of the world so dumb imo
  15. idk at least on first listen this didn't do a whole lot for me but it might be a grower!!!! (this is not my first Hudson Mohawke project ive heard those 3 tapes back in 2020 as they came out, revisited them before this and they really do hold up, except for 100HM idk why but I genuinely hate that song I deleted it off my version since)
  16. X4creek

    Luna Chop

    Lego Feet - Luna Chop.mp3 (this is definitely fair to share since Warp Tapes was a free download)
  17. X4creek

    Luna Chop

    so since the audio file isnt available anymore i cant confirm it BUT trust me i remember coming across this thread like 2 years ago when i didnt have an acc i was shocked to hear it was the opener to Part 2 (i found the audio on some mega link that no longer exists, ill try to find the file someone surely has downloaded it b4)
  18. X4creek

    Luna Chop

    first track of Warp Tapes 89-93 Part 2...
  19. I just find it slightly amusing that he stopped releasing stuff right after that NFT lmao in 2020 at least there were like a few sc gems here and there
  20. i know this is less about the music more about the distribution but I like this album quite a bit. I personally dont consider it as a lost gem (Compilation has higher highs even if its far less consistent imo) but it gave us 101 Rainbows (Ambient Mix) so I'm forever glad this whole thing happened
  21. most likely because they're already available on streaming in full thats my guess at least (Throttle Clarence is under the Expanded Edition of Clarence Park)
  22. oh i was talking about how they answered one boc question on the previous stream
  23. lol about that.....
  24. i love how he answered my Warp question with "what's the etcetra"
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