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    oh great more Jockstrap slander *rolls eyes* They're not even signed to Warp Records anymore leave them alone!!!!!!
  2. X4creek


    im just hoping the Primavera one doesn't get cancelled/postponed bc it's on my birthday
  3. Polygon Window I sort of understand (sorry SOSW doesn't really do much for me :/) but AFX???????????
  4. Craig of the Creek came back (officially, 2 episodes aired before this but they weren't promoted at all and this was promoted as the premiere of the season) with the premiere of Season 4 this Monday my god I missed this show so much it's just so lovely to see the Creek being united as a whole and not seperated into sides anymore also the jokes (aside the constant 4th wall breaking which got tedious as it went on) were so fucking good in these 8 episodes ahhhh definitely excited for the rest of Season 4!!!
  5. this stuck out to me because it's so fucking true kinda tired of that tbh
  6. im sorry but that is one of the worst stylizations i have seen imo
  7. yeah these are awesome favorite (besides i which kinda holds a special place in my heart at this point) is KicK iii which goes so fucking hard least favorite is KICK ii, that run from Doña to Araña is excellent, but the rest is pretty good to just ok (Andro is a highlight though, slightly reminds me of r cazt in terms of its mood)
  8. i get not releasing new music but at least he used to upload to SoundCloud wtf suddenly happened??????
  9. yeah i think he co-produced the track Rubberneck from KicK iii
  10. revisiting KiCk i after a while since the rest are coming day-by-day this week and I swear it gets better every listen!!! New favorite track is Calor, love everything about that track
  11. bumping this thread to say that the rest of the series is coming!!! KICK ii - midnight @ where ever you are KicK iii - December 1 kick iiii - December 2 kIcK (kICk?) iiiii (surprise release) - December 3 here are the singles: (before anyone says anything i also think that Born Yesterday track is not very good lol)
  12. idk if this is a controversial opinion but no Autechre project needs a remaster anyway imo ok maybe just maybe LP5 but even that I don't think desparately needs a remaster
  13. why would you bump a thread named new RDJ interview
  14. X4creek


    which city was it at? im a little too lazy to look up rn lol sorry
  15. i do wish there was a bit more variety here but he probably doesnt have much variety in his albums (this is my third album from him, prev 2 were XERROX 4 & unitxt and i would be down for recommendations!!!) besides that i'd say this is really good!! will definitely be following this series as it goes on
  16. im a huge fan of Pop music but ngl I never exactly got the hype for the title track too that Formula track rips however
  17. yess someone (@nervoussquirreldotcom on Instagram) recorded the entirety of Roundhouse and uploaded it to their site!!! http://nervoussquirrel.com/recordings/squarepusher_29_10_2021_roundhouse_london.wav
  18. this is pretty random and out of nowhere but in case anyone is confused about why im here: dont worry my subscription ends on April 1st

  19. i dont have as close as a history with this album as basically all of you do but I absolutely love it I just love how happy and sunny it feels I wish I could find more IDM albums that are like that theres far too much melancholic stuff impho
  20. i wish there were at least one or two poptimists on this forum tbqh
  21. i hope someone records at least one of these sets bc the unreleased tracks are sounding pretty great
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