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  1. X4creek

    Luna Chop

    Lego Feet - Luna Chop.mp3 (this is definitely fair to share since Warp Tapes was a free download)
  2. X4creek

    Luna Chop

    so since the audio file isnt available anymore i cant confirm it BUT trust me i remember coming across this thread like 2 years ago when i didnt have an acc i was shocked to hear it was the opener to Part 2 (i found the audio on some mega link that no longer exists, ill try to find the file someone surely has downloaded it b4)
  3. X4creek

    Luna Chop

    first track of Warp Tapes 89-93 Part 2...
  4. I just find it slightly amusing that he stopped releasing stuff right after that NFT lmao in 2020 at least there were like a few sc gems here and there
  5. i know this is less about the music more about the distribution but I like this album quite a bit. I personally dont consider it as a lost gem (Compilation has higher highs even if its far less consistent imo) but it gave us 101 Rainbows (Ambient Mix) so I'm forever glad this whole thing happened
  6. most likely because they're already available on streaming in full thats my guess at least (Throttle Clarence is under the Expanded Edition of Clarence Park)
  7. oh i was talking about how they answered one boc question on the previous stream
  8. lol about that.....
  9. i love how he answered my Warp question with "what's the etcetra"
  10. SEAN IS DOING A QNA ON TWITCH RN https://www.twitch.tv/4utechre
  11. https://soundcloud.com/jonathan-larsson-6/autechre-primavera-barcelona?utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing BOOTLEG
  12. https://www.instagram.com/sonartienda/live/
  13. constantly refreshing the Autechre tag on Instagram is gonna be a fun way to spend my evening on my birthday
  14. this copyright is from "Annabel Hockeysmith" which is the artist the collab is with i think but hopefully that means they'll release the track officially sometime soon
  15. lol the yt upload of the new track got copyrighted Of Course
  16. aphex twin confirmed least active Warp Records artist at least BoC have social media accounts they like posts on...
  17. i was so excited for Autechre that I completely forgot about this!!! wasnt sp on the previous lineup though i swear i remember him not being on this new one that will finally happen oh nvm he's on the day after ae
  18. i will check this out mainly because i have not heard a single Turkish artist that impressed me and i literally live here...
  19. i need to relisten to this album i remember it being pretty good
  20. if im being honest the low quality gives it extra charm lol
  21. ...guess its finally time for me to check out these guys Where should I start? I was thinking In Sides since a lot of people I trust absolutely adore that one but im curious to hear your picks (if you just say "start from the beginning" id also understand lol)
  22. yeah i think it's fair to not count both Cavity Job & Basscad,EP especially the latter since it's the only main Autechre release to have contributions from other people lol
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