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  1. Africa by Toto was the worst possible kind of music when I was a kid. Then I grew to love it only a gew (sic) years ago. Now I kind of hate it again.
  2. I had the worst falafel i have ever had from a berlin kebab kiosk.
  3. Is it ok to mention shish kebab in here? Shish kebab is very good Even though am veggo
  4. I watched Snatch again recently. It was very ungood. I like doner kebab but am vegetarian now so can get a little bit sad when walk past kebab shops
  5. Yep. Cut off tied to key tracking. Lots of short notes, portamento. Square wave for that fatter rubbery kind of sound would help... this is based on listening to a bit of that tech diff vid on phone speaker
  6. low cut off, hi res, short decay on filter, key tracking?
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