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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DY2_D5XF7-Y
  2. Some more albums recently listened: Pram - Dark Island Macabre; lounge/jazzy; noir soundtrack sort of stuff. A very English type of sinister. A mixture of instrumentals employing all sorts of music box type of sounds. The vocal tracks are dark tales of lost love and possession sung in almost leaden style, which suits the atmosphere of the album perfectly. 6/10 Green Velvet - Walk in Love Stripped down banging house music. Love this guy. I love the way his albums are a mixture of very personal tracks as well as comedy ones; or cynical comments on clubland and the media. He manages to
  3. welcom aboard matey! watch yr steps though, this type of thingy could cause u a bit of trouble.. ha yes I didn't think that would be a popular view. Just feel like I'm still waiting for that 'click' moment with some of their stuff.
  4. I'm new to watmm so I hope it's OK to just jump straight in. Some albums recently listened: Autechre - Confield Obviously something of a sacred cow. I've had it kicking around for years but never listened to it in its entirety. And I just can't get into it; I enjoy some of the tracks (Bine, Uvoil, Eidetic Casein) but at least half of it just leaves me cold. Seems silly to give it a rating as it is such a classic for some people, but mine would have to be 5/10 Cocteau Twins - Treasure An oldie but a fairly recent addition to my collection. Ethereal, dreamy chamber pop. This is defini
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