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  1. does anyone who's going to this know if we can submit questions beforehand? I couldn't see anywhere in the booking info, so I guess that means the questions are all pre-selected....
  2. I'm finding AAI patchy to be honest. There's a couple of great tracks on there: Artificial Authentic, Latent Space, some of the others in the middle. But the noisy interludes don't really do that much for me, and in the whole last third of the album there's only really one proper track. And then the machine monologues are kind of interesting in their own right but they don't massively add to the music. I feel they might've been better kept separate. Anyway...I don't like to knock something too much that's only just come out. Maybe some of it is just going over my head little
  3. same here. Totally passed me by before but can't stop listening to No More Dreams now. Such a lovely melancholic 80s degraded synth feel, which I can't seem to get enough of. I love how between a couple of tracks there's the very faint sounded of muffled beats, like he's recorded over the same tape multiple times. You can hear it right at the end of No More Dreams IV and V..
  4. Will definitely have to check this out; been enjoying his Telomic Ghost LP a lot lately, real nice crackly Basic Channel kind of vibe to it
  5. until recently I was only really familar with their 90s discography, up to around Idiology. And I'd happily include Autoditaker as one of the best electronic albums of the 90s. But then seeing the annoucement for this new release, I thought it was high time I caught up with their later output and tbh everything I've heard is just as good. Dimensional People is awesome; has the classic MoM sound and the vocal collaborations fit perfectly. From a couple of listens, WOW sounded great as well - and clearly influenced by contemporary electronic music from that time. Not so sure about AAI so far...it feels a bit less free-flowing and organic than a their normal style. But that could be the whole point of the concept of the album. Need more time to digest though... Whatever you think about their later output, they've never stood still and always stayed true to their own approach
  6. listened to this the other night based on the recommendation of this thread and it's very nice. I can see the comparison with Sun Electric, on some tracks. (sorry for the random post; I'm a long-time lurker on watmm but have made something of a resolution to engage more with this community, so yep..)
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DY2_D5XF7-Y
  8. Some more albums recently listened: Pram - Dark Island Macabre; lounge/jazzy; noir soundtrack sort of stuff. A very English type of sinister. A mixture of instrumentals employing all sorts of music box type of sounds. The vocal tracks are dark tales of lost love and possession sung in almost leaden style, which suits the atmosphere of the album perfectly. 6/10 Green Velvet - Walk in Love Stripped down banging house music. Love this guy. I love the way his albums are a mixture of very personal tracks as well as comedy ones; or cynical comments on clubland and the media. He manages to get a lot of meaning across in a style not normally known for it. Some really banging beats on here as well. 7/10 Casino vs Japan - Go Hawaii I should have listened to this more, for the length of time I've had the album. Boards of Canada-style distorted beats and lush synthy melodies. But altogether a lot more jolly and summery. And as the name suggests, reminiscent of Hawaii...or reminiscent of how Hawaii seems in films and tv adverts anyway. Very pleasant without ever getting twee or cloying. 7/10 Fanu - Daylightless (1st half only) Dark complex intricate drum'n'bass. Yeah some sick dark beats basically, lots of Asian-sounding vocal samples. A bit like some of Enduser's stuff. Doesn't quite veer into full on breakcore but getting there at points. I think the second disk is half-tempo tracks. 6/10 for now Baby Ford - Basking in the brake lights Minimal techno/micro house. A mixed bag; some decent tracks and some that don't leave much of an impression. Would probably be better suited to wobbling round a seedy dancefloor at 5am. 5/10 for now, needs more listens
  9. welcom aboard matey! watch yr steps though, this type of thingy could cause u a bit of trouble.. ha yes I didn't think that would be a popular view. Just feel like I'm still waiting for that 'click' moment with some of their stuff.
  10. I'm new to watmm so I hope it's OK to just jump straight in. Some albums recently listened: Autechre - Confield Obviously something of a sacred cow. I've had it kicking around for years but never listened to it in its entirety. And I just can't get into it; I enjoy some of the tracks (Bine, Uvoil, Eidetic Casein) but at least half of it just leaves me cold. Seems silly to give it a rating as it is such a classic for some people, but mine would have to be 5/10 Cocteau Twins - Treasure An oldie but a fairly recent addition to my collection. Ethereal, dreamy chamber pop. This is definitely a slow grower. Not sure if it'll ever attain classic status but I can see it really fitting certain contexts. I haven't really differentiated all the tracks but lots of them are worming their way into my mind which has to be a good sign. 6/10 for now Lukid - Onandon Pleasant but unremarkable, lolling breakbeaty/trip-hoppy/electronica. Still getting to know this one, 6/10 for now Higher Intelligence Agency - Colourform Classic early 90's electronica, bit of an acid/psychedelic tinge. This would be perfect soundtrack to some a post-clubbing session (and I'm sure has been many times). It's not quite up there with some of the other classics from time for me; it's just not quite as varied or idiosyncratic as FSOL/Aphex/Black Dog. Decent though. 6/10
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