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Jack Dangers - Lucky Bag

Rubin Farr

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Did I read it right that 10.c.1 on Selected Noise is 53 minutes long???!!!!!!!!!!! 

The Modulisme Sessions btw, they have a bandcamp page, and Jack had offered a few tracks to the series already in the past (that are free to download if you wish), before his session (I'm guessing is what's included here) Whether any of this will be on the upcoming MBM album, guess we'll see:


Critical Completion


Wave Cloud


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16 hours ago, Rubin Farr said:

Torn on this, I’ve heard probably 60% of these before, and they are bits and bobs, not album material. $41 for just the standard edition is a bit much. 

Selected Noise looks more like a compilation with some archive stuff, Tape Stash is more interesting to me. They both seem like two planned releases that were shelved and Jack decided to release them together now, but... the kidney stone tho.... MAN, like COME ON, worth a million in 20 years, right?... yaknowaddaimean????????..... "WOOO ALRIGHT!!!!"... get it? radio babylon haha... guys?...... ok nevermind...

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