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Squarepusher + Pierre Bastien


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Tom Jenkinson, aka Warp Records' Squarepusher, arrives in Liverpool with a brand new project. With French multi-instrumentalist and mechanical genius Pierre Bastien, the two maestro soloists come together for what promises to be a spellbinding lesson in intricate bass grooves. After a sell out at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall in 2004, the archetypal recluse Squarepusher returns for a rare live performance.


Squarepusher is no stranger to the concert hall - his long running collaborations with the London Sinfonietta have made waves in the contemporary classical world and captured the attention of new audiences. Anybody who has witnessed him perform will know he is possessed of a singular virtuosity on his current instrument of choice, currently a specially constructed 6 string electric bass. For this solo show, he combines his instrumental prowess with an equally remarkable skill in composition. Pierre Bastien is another very talented, unique soloist. With his homemade machines made from Meccano and recycled turntable motors, he, and his hybrid self-playing sound sculptures, play charming and hypnotic music. Recently he has collaborated with video artist Pierrick Sorin, fashion designer Issey Miyake, DJ Low, British singer and composer Robert Wyatt and the Trottola circus.


This revolutionary artiste whose fans includes the likes of Radiohead, Outkast and Sofia Coppala is not to be missed. Tickets on Sale now.

Saturday 24th May @ Liverpool Philarmonic

Wednesday 28 May 2008 at The Sage Gateshead







I just stole this off the internets.


Hello wattmm. I'm new.



Having seen them both solo, I'm very interested to see what it'll sound like.


Here's hoping for some weird loopzy minimal glitch jazz[band].

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Guest Ultravisitor
Why does all the cool stuff take place in England....


because england is the place to be...

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Guest Dirty Protest
Why does all the cool stuff take place in England....


You have drugs, prostitution and gabber. We are a bunch of uptight fuckheads who need laws to dictate every aspect of our life incase we mow down a bunch of school kids as our brain cant work over 30 mph, go mental after smelling weed drifting out of a window or cut our heads off opening a Tesco ready meal. OK, im somewhat exaggerating, the herby meatballs only blinded me.

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