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If not Chris Clark than who?


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The Field is the best thing that has happened to electronic music in the last few years, in my opinion.

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what was the criteria again?

i reckon dmx should replace cylob

it does seem odd not to see clark up amongst the list...bet he's wondering what else he needs to do :p

amon tobin? monolake?

alva noto subforum would be cool, loads of interesting music of his to talk about, but he'd be a bit out of place here imo

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Guest abracadabra

check out takagi masakatsu




Also, I would say basically the Raster-Noton collective. More specifically, SND and Alva Noto. I also really really <3 Oval, but he hasn't released anything in a while.

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I think the question itself is bound to generate misunderstandings and pointless arguments based on those misunderstandings, because 'good' and 'best' need to be further specified. For instance, your asking about 'the best electronic music' ... in what context? In da club? The best programming? Sound design? Melodies? What doesn't sound like most other electronic music being made today? I know a lot of this is implicit in what you're asking, but if you can be more specific, that might carve out a more well-defined space for reasoned debate on this.


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Clark definately deserves it more than anyone else. I say he deserves it more than Cylob and dare I say Vibert.


Other than him, Amon Tobin.

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Guest narkeworld

Asmus Tietchens


I just have to say that you have the hottest avatar WATMM has ever known.


One of the best EPs in history, imo.

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i wrote a ton in this post for some reason. maybe somebody will discover a new artist that they like in it


this is another great clark song



clark did used to be on his way to being one of my favorites. if he had continued to release music that sounded unique and less insanely frantic i probably would have liked him more. as it stands, i do like him quite a bit, just not as much as i once did. i'm sure the day will come when i realize that i was wrong and fall completely in love with his recent work. then again, maybe that day won't come. i don't know. i definitely like totems flare and turning dragon, just not as much as other music in that area.


the black dog's past two releases have been brilliant

also ricardo villalobos is very good, but not one of my absolute favorites. just very, very good


then there's murcof which i like a lot but still minimal music isn't exactly my thing. i like minimalism, but not necessarily "minimal," if you know what i mean. turning down the volume on some sounds so that they sound more subtle is not my idea of brilliance, though murcof creates very good textures and melodies. i need to spend more time with it. matmos is also very good.


i recommend people look up michna. might be of interest. electro/ idm / melody.



lithops. incredible, incredible work. especially mound magnet pt. 2. seek it out. for the uninformed, he is jan st werner from mouse on mars. his solo work is just as good. more intense and digital.



another excellent sonig artist that is very little known is vert



and there is the minimal, similar to mouse on mars jan jelinek


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Guest tbio2007

Clark for me is underated and is the best British electronic producer for perhaps the last 5-10 years, basically post- Drugks/Confield.


Globally you are looking at The Field, obviously not brilliantly complex or Autechre like production values but his first LP is just brilliant and beautifully simple.

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the answer, three years ago, would be; richard devine and chris clark. but chris clark's recent output is complete shit, and devine seems to be working for his corporate overlords somewhere doing sound design, so i dunno.


maybe; bitstream, monolake (though are they really idm? i guess not), freescha, certain artists on ai records (eoc, datassette), claro intelecto (though again, maybe not idm), mr 76ix, apparat ...

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