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Most Dissapointing Aphex Track


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Guest Calx Sherbet

acid windowlicker is really all i can think of. Aphex Airlines seemed misleading, but i am not disappointed without. as weird as that track is, i like it. it's like Anti-Music for Airports

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Guest mafted

death fuck mental beats. when rushup edge leaked, i thought it was a hoax because of this title.

also, goodbye rute.


That's bc it's called Death Fuck. But how can you not listen to that song and be amazed at the complexities in programming? It's one of the more chaotic ones but it's also tight in a lot of ways. Any Aphex fan should be able to appreciate it.


Goodbye Rute is like a remake of Sloth.. the lush Aphex ambience.. how could you nnotttt... meeebbbhbhhbhklfkffkf


that beck remix


muchly agreed

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