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video game music thread

Guest chax

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Inspired by the "what got you into music" thread, I decided to expand on the video game music discussion. There's some real classic electronic music contained in old videogames, and probably lots of things people haven't heard. I'm not really into chiptunes, or listen to that kind of 8bit style at all, but that kind of discussion would be good too. Also someone posted some sonic/michael jackson remixes a while back which I thought was awesome but haven't been able to find it again.


Some of the best videogame music I've heard was from a PC game in 1993 called SkyRoads, and it was actually a huge technical error that somehow made the music better than how it was originally created.


All music (except intro which was done by Hasso Brück) was produced on an Amiga computer back then using program called Oktalyzer. First all FM sounds were converted to samples, then tunes were produced, and later note data from module was used just to play back ordinary FM sounds.


Because of the FM to sample conversion, the music sounded quite different at the time of producing compared to actual game. Some instruments just sounded completely different, especially percussions. Best example is Road 5, where in game version percussions can’t be heard at all, making it completely different tune altogether. Also for some weird reason game versions sound half tone higher.


You can listen to it here. I find road 3, road 6 and road 8 of the in game FM to be the best, but they are all GREAT songs.

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Guest Sir Winston

I have Streets Of Rage 3 on my phone at the mo, absolutely amazing I honestly do not understand the bad rep it gets sometimes.

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obviously dubstep artists are inspired by Dan Forden of Mortal Kombat 2 -





and my personal favorites the really early Mortal Kombat music entirely done with FM synthesis.



even later when Mortal Kombat 4 was just entirely hard drive/cdaudio based music it still was pretty damn good


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Chaos Theory's soundtrack is really good


I used to play The New Tetris, a N64 tetris game, it had a soundtrack by this guy Neil D. Voss who has also done soundtracks for other games (Tetrisphere, another tetris-based game, and some GBA racing game that was sort of obscure); here's a song from the game:



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Castlevania IV and Contra 3, 2 of the most beautiful 16-bit console games ever created





edit: hah! i just realized how identical looking those covers are to each other, never noticed it before

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I'm a huge fan of Rob Hubbard's music, most SID music, Gradius soundtracks, OutRun!!, F-Zero, PILOTWINGS for SNES, Turrican Music, Sonic 1 & 2 Music, Rez Soundtrack.


As for more recent music, Super Mario Galaxy, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, Okami, Super Monkey Ball 2, Chibi Robo, Pixel Junk Eden.



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ecco the dolphin.


If we're talking the PC version then YES! Amazing and sometimes epic (see Open Ocean). Fuck me, the game is one of my all time favourites too, what an original concept for a game.


^that one works better in the games context really.


As mentioned, Streets of Rage 3 has amazing music and easily the BEST in the series, why everyone rates 2 higher I'll never know. Frankly it's a mystery to me how these sounds were achieved from the Mega Drive/Genesis. Here's some highlights:





^ One of my favourite tunes ever and my all time favourite bassline. God damn.


Rocket Knight Adventures had some delightful, colourful music.




And of course the first 3 Sonic games are home to some of the best music in videogames


Melodic, well paced, awesome.

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Guest Glass Plate

Ecco the Dolphin is by the brilliant Tim Follin who I already mentioned. Tim Follin was known for doing way more with the limited abilities of the early consoles than any one else. I also use to have a bunch of Neil D. Voss tracks, not sure where they are on my hard drive any more though. (I think it was tetrisphere)


I also def. agree on Rob Hubbard.

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