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Jungle & Drum N Bass Comps


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BIG UP SELECTAH! Imma 'ahdcor Junglist who doesn't have nearly enough Jungle music mon. My favorite era of Jungle is 94-97. What are some definitive compilations, mixes, labels, artists, tracks??? I need more chikachikachika beats. Ragga vocals encouraged.


I've also been wanting to look deeper into darker Drum N Bass or Drum N Bass in general really. Feel free to recommend any good comps or mixes in this style as well. I prefer flowing drum beats to the kick-snare two step sound.




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shy fx - old skool jungle

metalheadz presents platinum breakz vols. i-ii

krust - through the eyes

goldie - incredible sound of drum'n'bass


also i haven't listened to a lot of the drum & bass arena mix cds but there are several by different djs and you might find one or more that you like

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Cheers guys keep 'em comin!


What's with the hate of him perpetuated around here?


Lets not get into that in this thread plz


PM it to me then, please. ._. I'm very confused.

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This one too...







also, check out this site...


They sometimes post links to old-skool mix-tapes that people have digitized.

I have found a few eye-openers on here that I used to own on cassette back in my rave days.

Don't give up the hunt and keep coming back to this thread to post links of your finds! :beer:




best label ever... tmb00073.png

check out all the comps in this series:


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You guys are awesome! Some really great mixes here.


I'm feeling pretty good on Jungle for the time being, but what about some dark Dnb? Give me the hard hitting shit!




This 94 Jungle comp was my intro to Jungle. I found it at a used bookstore as a kid. Mad nostalgic!


Keep 'em coming!

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Awesome thread. I've been buying a lot of random used d&b comps lately because they are always so cheap. I agree with most of what is in this thread already. In addition:


Ragga Jungle Dubs (Greensleeves Records) (terrible cover, great tunes)

Rumble In The Jungle (Soul Jazz)


(these are both new)


As mentioned, Dieselboy's shit is actually pretty decent. I like '97 Octane (old shit, really raw mix) & whatever the newer one is with full tracks on disc 1 and the Evol Intent mix on disc 2. That one is dope, but also pretty new.


I've grabbed a couple Sub Base USA comps from used bins that are great. "Pure Rollers Mixed By Andy C" is one and the other is called "A History Of Hardcore Volume 1" (I think). The latter is, as you might have guessed, more on the very early jungle/hardcore "house" tip, but basically it's all breakbeats by the usual suspects.


For more slightly earlier stuff the recent XL re-release of "The First Chapters" or whatever it's called is awesome. But it's definitely a little closer to the ravey type stuff than pure d&b.


The Bizzy B and Remarc retrospectives on Mu are essential!


I also have Roni Size - Through The Eyes. It's good, not great. There's also a couple other discs in this same series mixed by like Klute and some other random dudes.


Pretty much every Metalheadz compilation that I have heard is good. Platinum Breakz 1 (or whatever it is) has a bunch of amazing shit like "Consciousness" by Photek and stuff.


The early "Speed Limit 140 bpm +" compilations (linked on Discogs on the "Law Of The Jungle" page above) are actually pretty great. Meatsock uploaded a few of them a year or two ago and linked them on the Mu board. Yes, this is the coolest thing Meatsock has ever done.


There's a bunch more comps I've picked up for a few dollars here and there that I can't remember right now. I'll post again when I'm back in front of my iTunes.

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I think alot of Bizzy B is a bit weak really, bought the Retrospective well looking forward to it but was pretty gutted.


Need to get hold of some Source Direct, and yes early Ed Rush is good along with alot of the early No U Turn (not keen on the mid 90's stuff)


These compilations are good too, i've got 3 and 4, probably find the others on Ebay



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Tech Itch is perfection.

Apparently, you can get a shitload of his tracks on itunes...

one of my favorites is STRONGHOLD from 95.

this one is another fave... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bCnR5Z2Ps0


here is one of my favorite mix-tapes from back in the day.


Mystical Influence - Syndicated



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