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If you could smell movies...


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This is a field of technology that's been neglected way too much by current science. I am talking, WATMM, about the ability to smell things in movies, TV shows, even music. Just imagine how awesome it would be if a major cinema company like Disney got hold of this technology! It would add an entirely new dimension to a viewing experience which Disney have already perfected so well. The human sense of smell is deeply tied to our emotions, and being able to smell things in movies would give so much detail to the imagery, the characters, the events, even the music.


But there is one very important point I need to make about this technology. Nickelodeon must never, ever try to use it. The sheer scale at which they would completely fuck it over would be unimaginable. Shitty shows like iCarly or Drake and Josh are so hopelessly transparent that not even smell technology could improve them. And don't get me started on the abominable excuses for cartoons that would become crimes against nature if a sense of smell was added. An episode of Ren and Stimpy with smell enabled? Yeah, that wouldn't become a PTSD trigger.


So, I guess my point is that being able to smell things in films and TV shows would be awesome if done properly, but it could easily be misused and end up turning out like shit. Then again, the same is already true about fiction, as it can be good and terrible depending on how skilled the author is.


tl;dr: If you could smell movies, wouldn't it be awesome?

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you'd get that fakeass subway smell in the cinema cause companies would load the reels with smells too. it would be cool if anti-smoking ads smelttt

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"Hey,did you go and see 'Salo'?"

"Ya.It was shit."



I have a feeling that everything with Meg Ryan or Nicole Kidman in would smell of New Car.

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