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Autechre - Домашняя Коллекция


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Saw this for sale on discogs yesterday and I had to lol...






so much going on in that cover there I don't know where to begin... the lunar eclipse of the boys in action, the IDM cred tag, the soviet version hills of Amber... though it's good to know though that Russian bootleggers are nice enough to put winamp on the cd rom for you.

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Guest Greg Reason

Yeah they did the same thing to Coil; complete catalog up to the point of release and a complimentary exe for Winamp in case you were a lesser equipped pirate

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They have a logo to advertise "Stereo 192 kbps mp3 44 kHz"? Good to know that Perestroika ushered in the finer things in life


Haha, didn't even notice that. Absolutely brilliant.


I just made my own, I think I should put it on discogs

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