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Various Artists - Endless House Foundation


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Quite a few of the artists on this ultra-obscure compilation sound a bit like Aphex Twin.

But even if it isn't him, this seems very nice indeed...


You can hear a couple of samples here and here


The press release offers some rather odd info:

"An obelisk of noise that rose rudely above the treetops of the Bialowieska Forest, the Endless House project shone for a mere six weeks in the spring of 1973. The outlandish brainchild of wealthy audiophile/maniac Jiri Kantor, its stated mission was "to become the cradle of a new European sonic community... a multimedia discotheque" that should "surprise and delight" artists and dancers alike. For all the wide-eyed optimism of its manifesto, however, the enterprise was never unknowing in its flirtation with disaster and self-destruction. The brilliant Czech may have made his millions as the midas-touched entrepreneur/taste-maker behind Paris-based magazine Otium International, but Endless House was always a vanity project as irredeemably vain as its maker..."

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Just got mine...Obscene packaging. Real Blue Monday style...They must lose money every time they sell one.


Anyway - the music is great, if all over the place. Can't be one person. Couple of them do sound like Aphex, agreed.


Coupe' is a fave - http://www.20jazzfunkgreats.co.uk/wordpress/2010/12/01/step-inside-the-endless-house/


This one is also nuts - http://soundcloud.com/endlesshouse/klaus-pinter-bewussseinweiterung


Schulze on an MPC?!?

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I still can't let this go. The more I listen to this, the more I am convinced that this whole "compilation" is actually an Aphex Twin recording.

There is even a hidden Aphex reference in the notes that come with this release. One of the cards says that Earnesto Rogers (one of the artists on this "compilation") was "famously expelled from Stockhausen's lecture group for playing repetitious African rhythms". That is actually almost exactly what Karl-Heinz Stockhausen said about Aphex Twin's music when UK magazine The Wire played him one of Aphex Twin's pieces in 1995:



"I heard the piece Aphex Twin (sic) of Richard James carefully: I think it would be

very helpful if he listens to my work Song Of The Youth, which is electronic

music, and a young boy's voice singing with himself. Because he would then

immediately stop with all these post-African repetitions, and he would look

for changing tempi and changing rhythms, and he would not allow to repeat

any rhythm if it were varied to some extent and if it did not have a

direction in its sequence of variations."


The harmonies, instrumentation, sounds and rhythms on this release sound so much like Richard James, that it must be either him or someone trying very hard to imitate his style. The only thing that confuses me are the vocals. But maybe it's Richard collaborating with someone else?

I'd like very much to hear other people's thoughts on this...

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