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Vol 3: Emanating from the Shadows


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You ladies and gents know the score:

The Subline is Dissappointingly elusive - The Caretaker

disseminacoes 6 - zzzzzzzzzzzzP!

[play it again] - Throbbing Gristle

Migrations - Jocelyn Pook

Evocation 1 - Leo Anibaldi

Mincer rf - EOD

Ease Back - Ultramagnetic MC's

Spacetime - Aleksi Perala

144A Acacia Overdrive - Syntheme

the thick clouds weep - Upstanding Monk

hypererelliptic surfaces - dopplereffekt

07 - Gordon Krieger

Cock/ver 10(slow) - Aphex Twin

Empire of Light - Anodyne

Mt Hollah Acied - Mountain Holler

PWSteal.Bancos.Q - Aphex Twin

Phase 4 - Jeff Mills

the Anti Citizen - hellfish

Shark Delivery - Acidburp

Jidley Acid - ACID ELF

Wash Over Me - PFM

Blackhole.v3.exe - Chris Moss Acid

Mt Saint Michel + Saint Michaels Mount (slow) - Aphex Twin

Tears in the Rain - Vangelis

XMD 5a (fast) - Aphex Twin

Long Tall Sally - Macc & dgoHn

There Now You Have Syphilis - Venetian Snares

The Commela - H.P. Sneakstep

Soundtrack Of Space - B12

Gone With The Fairies - Shammen Delly

Foglights - Upstanding Monk



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