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MBV - Loveless


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Guest AcrossCanyons

oh, this also happens to be my favourite record from my birth year.



yeah dude i get it there are members on this forum currently celebrating their 400th birthday. yall old as fuck. have some kids, invest in some time share, get off watmm. B)

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I have to be honest, for some reason this album possess no gravitational pull on me. I can never be bothered to keep playing it, yet I don't dislike it.


Another 4 or 5 years will pass before I get the urge to revisit it. Definately a weird one for me this LP

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Guest igloos unlmtd

People often think that Bilinda is on the cover of You Made Me Realize, but that's not her. The story goes its some really crazy schizo old friend of Kevin's.


MBV have many good songs outside of Loveless... But, y'know I prefer Ecstasy & Wine over the Isn't Anything album.


Swallow is a favorite & I find myself listening to Kevin's Song a lot - as its the least worn out..


It's hard to explain, but back in the 90's MBV were the most exciting thing happening. I remember the first time I used the internet - i was pretty damn excited as I helped hook it up at the community college I was attending. The very first thing I Netscaped was MBV - it was awesome. Evan Olcotts website (what is now mybloodyvalentine.net & remains largely unchanged) was an amazing collection of information & photos.. & I had no idea about their videos.


Back then every band was trying to sound like that & it really took a few good years for music to move on. You don't have to have the same fascination... & really you shouldn't force it on yourself either. Perhaps a time will come when it really works for you. Sometimes following the musical footsteps is like that...

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Just got the "You Made Me Realise" CD @ Amoeba today. I already have the 12", but I was wearing my "You Made Me Realise" tour t-shirt, so I figured I had to get it.

Little bonus:

It was $40.00 but it's probably worth more because there is a typo!

Track 4 has "your" misspelled as "yuor" on the sleeve, but it is correctly spelled on the CD.




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just burned a CD of my favorite MBV for a 1.5 hour drive



Only Shallow

Off Your Face

You Made Me Realise

To Here Knows When [Loveless]

Feed Me With Your Kiss

When You Sleep

Honey Power

Strawberry Wine

I Only Said

You Never Should

Come In Alone



Nothing Much to Lose

Blown A Wish

What You Want


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