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Was depressed last night so decided to release an album (for free)

Guest xolve

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Was rather depressed last night so decided to release an album for free:



Cleared me right up :)

Funny how just getting stuff out there can make you feel better sometimes -

Enter $0 in the download field to get it for free, or you can just listen to it online. Throw me a dollar if you feel like doing so.

Menagerie of warm/hard electronica/IDM/melodic mooses from over the past decade.


Kind of tired of trying to get people to like music enough to pay for it - I'd rather just help people. Course, it'd be nice if the world was the other way around, but it's not, so - spread the love.


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I don't know if you're looking for criticism or not, but listening through snippets of this on bandcamp, it really bothered me how much reverb was on everything. I think I would have liked it a lot more if it was a bit drier. Also, it's very quiet.

I liked the ideas behind "playground". The rhythm was good, and the use of ringmod was very slick, but a lot of the instruments in it are really cheesy, so that kind of put me off.

I also really liked "death star" but again, the mastering being so quiet and reverb-y really detracted from it.

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Guest CraniumXII

I thought it was quite decent, Sir. I skipped around a bit, as I didn't really have much time earlier to have a art/music session. Congrats on the release, though. I know what releasing some work can do for your general demeanor. I've been having an art block as of late; Only just hit up the ol' drawing tablet again this week, and I already feel much better.


So more power to you. I'll listen to your release again tomorrow, while I design. Give you a more proper review.

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Thanks for the feedback - I work as a mastering engineer, and I don't appreciate loud mixes. All the fun gets sucked out of them. And the calm.

The reverb thing is a matter of taste - a lot of the electronica I listen to uses reverb extensively. It's an atmosphere thing - to each their own though.

And thanks cranium - hope you enjoy it.

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