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The Caretaker, 3 albums repressed


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"*Three Caretaker Albums - each packaged individually, sold as a set* The three classic Caretaker albums - 'Persistent Repetition Of Phrases', 'An empty bliss beyond this World' and 'Patience (After Sebald)' have all been long out-of print. They have now been re-pressed on coloured vinyl available to buy separately or as a set. Please note that this set does not include any extra material or packaging - it is just the three separate LP's sent together. The albums also include instant MP3 downloads dropped into your account on purchase - whether bought separately or as a set."



I couldn't resist/know there will be interest here for this hence why I posted.

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I was more hoping that this might be a sign that Mr kirby will have some new stuff out soon! Speaking of which what the fuck happened to Intrigue and Stuff Vol 4!?

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Shit, I almost bought an empty bliss, and then wussed out about money.

repress no 2 please


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These are supposed to hit Forced Exposure soon:


"Distribution in North America will be via Forced Exposure and copies will also appear at other top online stockists of such sounds."


For EU people:



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Yeah, Experimedia is great for ambient music as well. They stock certain labels, like Facture and Home Normal, that FE doesn't. I remember them getting copies of all the Caretaker and Leyland Kirby stuff back in 2011. I'm sure they will this time around too.

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