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The most epic backstage rider?


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Eeliks:en is a Finnish 8 year old experimental electronic music producer releasing on Fonal. But the story gets even better. He has said that he does not want to perform live because he does not want to be like Robin (a bit like Finnish version of Justin Bieber). Anyway he had agreed to come to a local indie festival, but apparently the organizers can't fulfill his backstage rider so they have to find some one to replace him.


Here's the rider.




Here's a rough translation:


Eeliks:en's backstage rider.


1. Airplane transportation

2. 15km drums

3. A monster

4. A bodyguard

5. Tickets to Manchester City vs Arsenal game

6. Own UFO

7. 9.000.000 USD

8. Messi to kick a ball

9. AC-DC record

10. 38 bags of candy

11. A tractor

12. A motorbike

13. 3 homes

14. A formula car which is red


BR, Eeliks:en


signed, Eelis

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toi kundi on ihan sekasin


hullu jätka


i was just thinking that they could hire a drumkit from a school 15 k's away. troll him by twisting the rider just enough to make it doable.

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omg omg omg finish justin bieber



I hate clicking on links like that. Now next time i'm looking up some E3 demo or something, in the bar to the right of the screen youtube will start throwing suggestions for clips by pre-teen boy bands.


HALP (sorry i mean auttaa)

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I had the same concern a while back. Luckily though you can remove stuff from your YouTube history by heading to your account and selecting the dubious videos in the drop down box.

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