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Survival Slacker - Death by a supermassive black hole EP


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Yo all, 


so here is my first ep  https://survivalslacker.bandcamp.com/releases


Brief idea's behind it are the stone tape theory & experiencing it in relation to other media like film & physical mediums such as painting. 


Nice to hear thoughts, there is also a print on offer with the release, that i'm happy to do a watmm discount on :)  code is - watmm 


all the proceeds go towards an upcoming 2017 publication, 


cheers & happy holidays!









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Yeah, this is lush, quite gloomy. Wouldn't mind hearing more of this.


Bought w/ the print because it looks deece.


ty herr!


yeah with the prints, underestimated some of the costs so its gone up a tad with future orders BUT shipping is now included so overall its cheaper & the watmm discount is still up, 



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