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Head Technician (Pye Corner Audio) - Profane Architecture


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Pye Corner Audio morphs into Head Technician mode for the project’s brooding 2nd sojourn with Ecstatic. Taking inspiration from his fascination with Brutalist construction, on Profane Architecture Head Technician exclusively uses Roland TR-606, MC-202 and TB-303 boxes plus the Roland System 100 modular synth to sketch out a slow, murky sound in furtive pursuit of the vibes on Zones [2017], but this time the results are even darker, slippery, and obscure. 
Echoes of early Detroit and UK bleep & bass infiltrate the stark corridors of Profane Architecture as much as the hauntological spirits of BoC, combining to make a sound that revels in nostalgia yet yearns for the future. It’s not a new sound or idea, but it is one that Martin Jenkins a.k.a. Head Technician executes with such classic style and unique character that can only lead to comparisons with acid maestros such as Tin Man, Plastikman or the Analord, Richard J. James. 
For aspiring spies and moody dancers alike, Profane Architecture is the perfect soundtrack to fit your role. From the oozing elan of opener First Pour thru the spheric momentum of Béton Brut and the mind-weaving acid of Formwork he establishes a slickly hypnotic sound that works it magick with more funk on the flipped, generating the tactile form of Second Pour and the ruggedly hewn groove of The New Brutalism, then closing out with the exquisite darkness of Demolition - a real highlight in his extensive and highly collectible catalogue. 



Liking this a lot so far. 




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