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Pye Corner Audio - Let's Emerge!

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Love that the new album is Spacemen 3 and Stereolab influenced. As much as I enjoy his last few albums, they have been getting a bit samey. Preview track sounds great. 

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2 hours ago, species8472 said:

this is really lush and nice. glad he mixed it up. something to bask in.

Listening to this now - really a breath of fresh air from him. 

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Sat back in my comfy chair the other day and some reason Pye Corner Audio just fell out of the sky, bounced in my brain and bleeped back on my radar. Been years since I've listened to him and there he was all of a sudden calling out to me. So I was quite happy to find this album, there's some surprising cool tracks on here (there is also a Sonic Boom remix EP on Spotify which is definitely worth checking out). Also never heard of Stasis either, that's also got some stellar tracks on.

Back on the map and back in my brain.

Pye Corner Audio in full effect! 


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