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Pye Corner Audio - Acid 1+2 (January 25, 2024)

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1. Dust Acid 05:40
2. Magnetic Acid Two 06:54
3. Wanna Show U Acid 04:41
4. Magnetic Acid Four 05:15




1. Stegan Acid 04:37
2. Magnetic Acid Three 05:45
3. Thermionic Acid 05:29
4. Magnetic Audio One 07:22


Pye Corner Audio presents his debut for the label with 2 EPs of Acid touched live jams. Martin Jenkins main electronic project, here he detours that on-going journey, the mysterious current of foggy soundtrack inspirations and fragments of techno, deep and dark 303 fuelled experiments, that are oft aimed at dark dancefloors.

After decades of experience working in London recording studios, his recent time near the South Coast has born fruition, with releases on a who’s who of electronic labels – Ghost Box, Type, Ecstatic and Lapsus – that showcased a fragility of electronics, mixing Radiophonic and Library sounds, touches of post punk aesthetics and the deep pulse of the 4/4, Jenkins (aka The Head Technician) has offered a series of timeless albums notable the heralded Black Mill Tape series.

Recording while the world was in lockdown, these EPs update Jenkins moody, retro-futuristic sound with a clear love of Acid House that can be traced back to halcyon raves of his youth.

The sparse sounds and spatial dub are all there, the favoured stripped back collection of equipment, often including the very first synth he owned, were pulled even further to be the crucial Roland RE-501 (Space Echo), Roland TR-06 and TR-08 drum machine, the audio alchemy of the Make Noise Stada and the all-important Cyclone TT-303.

Recorded live to reel-to-reel, then bounced back at half speed, lightly edited and transposed down an octave, the dark and murky acidtronics join the signature audio visual meets vintage touch.

From the pure club acid trax of opener Stregan Acid and Thermionic Acid to the deep 303 experiments of the aptly titled, Magnetic Acid One and Magnetic Acid Three, Pye Corner Audio covers the cinematic, the psychedelic, to the dark, the basement throb, as only this master technician dreams.

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